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txwvy32 09-15-2012 08:55 PM

Anyone also low porosity?
I'm having a hard time finding balance for my hair and i'm growing tired of spending so much on products that end up either being too heavy or not moisturizing enough. My stylist always tells me that my hair has plenty of protein so to stay away from protein, but I don't think it necessarily means i'm protein sensitive either...however, I do have REALLY dry hair....or maybe that's just the proteins lol. I also have low porosity hair and I kind of feel like i've gotten the short end of the stick with these two "problems." Sometimes i'll have fluffy hair, always have dry hair, sometimes i'll have frizzy hair or fluffy hair and sometimes all of it all at the same time. :(

My best hair has come when I got my shower filter and then I co-washed with Tresemme Naturals, conditioned with Giovanni SAS Deeper Conditioner as a rinse out, used the "icequeen" method to rinse my hair, scrunched some of the water out, put some more Giovanni back in as a leave in and then used my LA Looks Nutra Curl gel and scrunched some more. My hair stays wet for HOURS though and I really don't want that but if I use less product my hair ends up dry and fluffy/frizzy. It seems I can never win. I either end up with pretty LOOKING hair that feels crunchy or waxy (depending on if I use a creme or gel) or I end up with dry frizzy ends and no curl definition.

I've tried all types of techniques and I don't know if im just doing something wrong or what, but it's becoming evident that something needs to change. With my protein hating, low porosity hair it's quite a challenge. Any help would be greatly appreciated, anything from product recommendations to technique recommendations. I'm also searching for a good DT. Thanks!

Natural87 09-16-2012 05:20 AM

Hi I have the same problem u do, when I did the porosity test my hair floated it didn't sink so does that mean mines is low porosity cause if it is I bought the cantu leave in conditioner and soft sheen Carson liquid moisturizer. I love it it moisturizes my hair really good; u should try it and it's very affordable,and dont forget when you're looking for a moisturizer water should be the first ingredient and once your hair is moisturize u have to seal the moisture in by using a fav oil that u like or a butter cream

WavesnWheels 09-16-2012 09:30 AM

I too have lower porosity hair and am protein sensitive. I LOVE the Jessicurl and Spiral Solutions deep moisturizing treatments! Once a week I low-poo and then apply the conditioner to my hair. Then I cover with a plastic shower cap and blow dry the cap for five to ten minutes to heat up my hair and open the cuticle. I then thoroughly rinse after a couple of hours.

Doing this once a week for the past couple of months has really softened my hair and increased it's curliness.

Cuban-curl-E 09-16-2012 10:08 AM

I feel your pain, I'm in the same boat. I really limit protein and I DT about once a week/every other week. I find I need to clarify often bc of the low porosity and hard water. If I don't clarify, my hair tends to get frizzier, dryer and poofy. Also won't clump.

For deep conditioning I like curl junkie curl rehab or GVP CB mixed with oil (whatever oil I have) as a pre-poo. I leave it on while I clean the house then wash and style as usual. Sealing was a huge fail for me but I can take in some oil and moisture this way. If my hair is clean (clarified) and moisturized I can also use less product. HTHs!

Ml001 09-16-2012 12:20 PM

Me me me!!!! Ugh - I could have written your post lol. I am using DevaCurl no poo every few days as needed. I have Curl Junkie smoothing conditioner on order to try. (Recently tried Devacurl One Condition but the protein was too much.) I am also going to use the DC Styling cream - I received a sample and my hair loved has protein in it but it must be a kind my hair likes or a low enough concentration of it. I am also giving DC Arc AnGel a try - don't know how my hair will respond. I will use the DC one condition as needed for the protein boost (if necessary) and my next shopping to-do is to find a DT...right now I just use my regular conditioner with aloe vera gel and sometimes castor oil. My hair is s'wavy, medium texture, and low porosity. Good luck!

txwvy32 09-16-2012 08:05 PM


Curly83 10-29-2012 11:35 AM

I think I have low porosity hair. My hair definitely doesn't like a lot of protein. At one point, I thought my hair was high porosity, but I think that was from heat damage. So, I am going to try to stay away from heat for awhile. However, I was confused about a characteristic of low porosity hair. It mentions that its resistant to chemicals. My hair is resistant to color. It takes a lot to lift my base color and it only lifts at the root (I believe it is due to the roots/scalp conducting heat so my cuticles open up more). But when I would get a relaxer, it took less processing time, but I do have really fine hair.

I do find that its hard to get moisture in my hair after its been washed. That's why I dislike wash days because it takes so much to get it back into my hair. I did see a tip that I may try which would be to heat up your conditioner before using it. I've also had the hardest time trying to find a super moisturizing conditioner to use as a co-wash and as a leave in.

frizzinfla 10-30-2012 05:32 AM

I feel your pain! Just a thought-- Strutswife told me that I have normal porosity, but my hair sometimes behaves the way you mention. I have learned that, for me, it's not actually low porosity, it is my hair's reaction to protein that mimics the symptoms of low porosity. When I eliminate protein, porosity feels normal again.

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