need protein or not?

Hi, i'm fairly new to all this. i always assumed that i
was protein sensitive but now i'm wondering.... i
based it on the fact that i have low/med porosity,
my hair is med/coarse and very dense plus no damage...i have never colored my hair or used i was
guessing i didn't need i'm wondering if maybe i do

is there a quick cheap way to test how i respond to a protein treatment? Once i try a PT do i need to do a DT or wait and see how my hair responds to just the pt?

If Im protein sensitive my hair will get dry and like straw correct?

Thank you!
The only place I've ever read about low porosity/protein sensitivity is on the page about properties. My low porosity hair never met a protein it didn't LOVE!! Here's a link to the livecurly/live free page that might help Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics you a bit more.

If your hair is med/coarse, there may be certain proteins it likes or it may like them all. It's a lot of trial and error.

Whether or not you need a DT after a PT all dcpends on what you use. I use moisturizing, commercial PTs and just use a moisturizing conditioner as my rinse out. Too much protein does show up as dry, strawlike hair. I've never used too much protein, so can't tell you from personal experience. You just won't know until you try.
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thankyou! i will read up more on the low porosity/protein sensitive thing... i guess i should try protein that way i
know one way or the there a cheap way to
try so that i don't spend lots of $ on something to come
out def protein sensitive and can't use it again?

i'm thinking of trying one of the following,please let
me know if its not the right thing:

either Ion effective care sample packet from Sallys

or can i mix avacodo,honey&evoo together

will either work as a PT?
and would both be considered moisturizing enough that i don't need a DT afterwards?


i wish there was a place i could go to buy little samples of all the things i want to try so i don't waste so much money...i hate having things just sit in my bathroom cupboard
The ion effective care packet would be a great place to start. I dislike making hair stuff (getting motivated to cook is hard enough! ) that I prefer to buy PTs. I really like Curl Junkie's Repair Me for a PT. Since I am also lazy about doing PTs, I occasionally use it as a rinse out. Yes, Curl Junkie products are expensive, but I find they are worth it and I use way less product then with drugstore stuff.

Another PT you could try to make is the gelatin one by IAgirl. Pedaheh's Hair Blog: Science-y Hair Blog Recipes

If you do decide to go the route of trying the higher end products, kathymack sells samples of tons of different hair products. For PTs, I would try Spiral Solutions Repairing Protein Treatment or Curl Junkie Repair Me. Here is a link to her fotki:
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jellies/creams: CR Curl Maker, KCCC
gels: CJ CQ, CJ Pattern Pusha, BRHG

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thanks asianrunner,
i think i will try the ion packet because it is like 99 cents and go from there.

if it makes my hair like straw then i will know...unless it takes more than one "dose" of protein to make my hair react...hmmm...
I too am new to all this... I have low porosity (according to NC website) I'm using Deva No Poo and Deva One Conditioner and just recently- well I haven't used it for long- I noticed that when I used the conditioner as a leave in it was fine on the first day but by the 4th day, it seemed a build up of product. I noticed white specs on my hair firstly then the curl wasn't so prominent so the next day I washed it and the curl is alot better. Does that mean I need to choose a protein free Poo and Conditioner so I don't get build up? (3b with some 3a curls/low porosity/thick dense hair) Please help!!!

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