Protein + Silicone free conditioners Australia?

Are there any conditioners available in Australia with no protein, silicone and maybe no sulphates? I was going to buy the L'Oreal EverSleek, but it has Isopropyl alcohol, and also the Tresseme Naturals has amino acids Please help, I need a co-wash conditioner!
I'm also looking for good CG products without protein. I can order a million things online but I know I can't keep getting all my products online forever... do any drugstore products meet the reqs?
I'm also looking for excellent CG items without proteins. I can purchase a thousand factors on the internet but I know I can't keep getting all my items on the internet permanently.
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I don't know what proteins are written as on ingredients but if you tell me I can check my collection of used bottles. I'm in AU and have tried a few.
DeLorenzo Allevi8 has been the best by far. It's expensive for smaller bottles
In Price attack, or you can order it online in bigger bottles and cheaper. No sulfate, no silicones. Not sure about protein.

Have you checked the all-natural Sukin range available at most chemists and health stores??

There's also a new botanical brand called "bohdi me" which I tried. Was great but I hated the strong herbal smell so I stopped using it.

Pears conditioner is great for co washing and is extremely cheap but I think Priceline just stopped selling it, where I am anyway.

Let me know what I have to look for on the label and ill let you know. Sorry I haven't been protein savvy with my CG routine. I think I'll need to be tho coz my hair has been doing some funky things lately lolll

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What about yes to cucumbers? I found this in Priceline.
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Trying Deva products.

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