Tresseme Naturals Radiant Volume - Aloe Free

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Just thought I'd let you protein-sensitive curlies know that the TNRV conditioner is aloe free in case you didn't know.

I did a search in the TN Moisture conditioner and saw that some curlies didn't use it because of the aloe, but didn't see the radiant volume mentioned as a alternative. It doesn't seem as popular and I noticed that it has one less oil & one added alcohol (probably formulated for hair that gets weighed down easily) than the moisture one, but it works for me! I'm on my second bottle.

It does still have two coconut oil derivatives however, in case you're sensitive to that.
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I just picked this up last night. I had been using Naturals moisture and it worked great. Then the last four months, EVERY product seemed to not work. I finally posted about the TN moisture and girls said the ingredients changed and aloe was towards the top. It ruined my waves!

are you still using the volume? has the coconut oils bothered you?

I am protein sensitive, no aloe, no castor oil, no silicones, no mineral is so maddening. I will stick with the TN volume...but am now looking for a DT.

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