Natural Formula hair products from Israel

I bought what I thot were 2 bottles of NF Go Curly AllDay Hold (I read somewhere that this is supposed to be a mousse to encourage waves to become curls?). What I received were 2 different products. One was NF GC ADH and the other was NF GC Moisturizing. The ADH has a number of ingredients I believe might be silicones and the Moisturizing has a number of oils (jojoba, macademia, grape seed, avacado, etc) and a much shorter list than the ADH.

The biggest problem is that other than the above identifications and ingredients, all the rest of the labels are in Hebrew and Arabic languages, not English.

I requested usage and the intended purpose of each product from the retailer along with the label's interpretation and he emailed that they are the same product, just updated packaging. I sent back the ingredient listings of each and again asked for the necessary info and got nothing.

I did use 2 pumps (they are both in pump bottles) of the ADH after cowashing on day 1 and got soft to touch nonfrizzy waves. Day 2 was less defined and I applied another 1 pump without much difference. Day 3 was limp and I used 1 more pump of ADH and got a disaster that was immediately shampooed out, followed by using another previous product that has given me better results. I have not tried the Moisturizing product because I do not know if it is a leave-in or what.

I have natural 2b-2c waves, shoulder length. I sleep on a satin pillowcase with a short pineapple.

Can you help me determine what I have?

Also, how do I know when to use silicone based products or the above oil based products if they are marketed to wavies?
If you still want help with this, please send me photos of what you have. I speak hebrew and have used some of these products on my own hair.

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