Confusion about Deva Curl/Care containing protein++

I can't figure out if the line contain proteins or not. The site, when using filters, says it is "Protein-free" when locating products. However, MANY here and elsewhere say it is NOT because it contains hops and peptides.

Whom do I believe?

As someone who is reading labels constantly, downloading info and going through pages of biology books I've saved from undergrad and grad, I have have to say that it's extremely frustrating to find products that fit ones' need.

Even more so when a site says one thing, but then links you to a selling site that says something different.
Hi! Well I can tell you for sure that the ENTIRE line does not exclude protein. The 5th ingredient in the B'Leave-In, for example, is Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein. (My hair loves protein, and out of the entire Deva line, this product works exceptionally well for me.)

However, SOME of their products do not contain protein. I also have the One Condition, Angell, and Set It Free, and I don't see any proteins in these items, although I'm not absolutely sure.

So, with Deva as with all other lines, unfortunately I think you are going to have to take it one label at a time. I feel you on the frustration of this!
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According to the label, if you include hops and peptides as protein, then ALL of those products contain protein.

This is why I am so confused. And frustrated.
I am totally in agreement with you. DC One condition does not outright list protein, however it's not included as "protein free" in the descriptions. I, too am having a hard time navigating my way around proteins.
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