Confusion-is this caused by protein? Please, help!

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So, I just had my hair cut from shoulder-length to an asymmetrical bob. While it's stylish, there's absolutely no way it looks good just letting it air dry, and it looks really dorky if I wear it out with a bunch of bobby-pins in it while it dries. In lieu of that, I was blow-drying on cool until my hair was about 70% dry. Even though I was using the cool setting, I knew it was still using a little heat, and causing more damage than I wanted. I ended up finding a no-heat method of "straightening", and I'm happy with that.

It has really saved my hair, but I've noticed that, since I've switched (which has only been about 5 days), my hair looks noticeably duller. In comparison, when it was shoulder length and a little bit damaged (I would occasionally straighten or blow-dry it), my hair would look gorgeous and shiny every time I would let it air dry. I thought for sure it would look even better and healthier now that I am doing zero heat damage.

My question is this: should I stop using products with protein now that I am no longer using heat styling tools and my damaged ends are all gone? Could that be what is causing the dullness? My hair also suddenly never feels "clean", even though I have actually washed it twice in 5 days with a low-poo. My conditioner contains one protein (Giovanni Nutrafix hair reconstructor), and I have been using Aveda's "damage remedy" leave-in conditioner, which also has proteins in it. I also thought it could be the fact that I am sleeping with my hair in pins all night (my no-heat straightening method), but I tried the same method today while just lying around my dorm for 5 hours and it still turned out kind of dull. The texture almost feels waxy.

Sorry, that was long. But, please. Help. Is this protein build-up? If it is, can anyone recommend a decent drug-store conditioner that is more moisture oriented?
What you're describing sounds like possible product buildup (and could be related to your no heat straightening technique), but has nothing to do with protein. Protein isn't just for damaged hair, it's also for hair that is finer in texture/width, to provide extra support, which will help enhance waves/curls.
Also, a low heat setting with a diffuse will not cause further damage. One of the members here (IAGirl, as in the PT recipe) is a scientist in real life an used to keep a hair blog. One of her posts was about how much heat it takes to cause damage to hair. I don't remember the exact numbers, but it was something in the range of under about 124 degrees (F) was definitely safe and under 150 or 160 was probably safe. Your low heat setting will fall in the definitely safe range.
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Wow... I heard that any type of heat over 250 degrees will damage the hair if using a flat iron & about 160 if using a dryer of some sort. In lieu of that I now use my hooded dryer on a low setting. (Doing that keeps my from feeling like I'm in a sweat shop while under the dryer)

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