Protein Sensitivity and Cherry Lola

I am coming to find that I am extremely sensitive to proteins in stylers, as well as when i am using a deep conditioner with my Huetiful steamer, assuming this is because the product actually enters into my hair shaft via the steamer. Although i tried the Cherry Lola treatment and had NO issues whatsoever, are the Cherry Lola ingredients considered proteins? I recently DC'd with a product containing Glycine Soja and found it's a soybean protein, and it seems that a lot of these products have hidden proteins. But i am so confused because the Cherrly Lola didn't adversely affect me. Trying to pin point which proteins are the ones i need to avoid.
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As I recall, the cherrylola treatment had the Bragg's Amino Acids (amino acids are the building blocks of protein) and yogurt (which also contains protein.) My hair hated the baking soda (even when I reduced it to 1/4 t.) I also didn't like that my hair smelled like teriyaki marinade and sour milk all day.

You could try IAgirl's protein treatment if you want to make something at home--it's gelatin (keratin.) That way, you can adjust the amount you use, add a lot of moisturizing ingredients and see how you do. Here's a link to it
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My hair isn't too fond of protein either, but I can use certain products with protein with no problem. I tend to have problems with any kind of hydrolyzed protein, but amino acids and things like yogurt or avocado treatments don't bother me. I did read somewhere though that wet heat (steam) is better with moisturizing treatments and dry heat is better for protein treatments.
Wheat protein will not be your friend. Soy I'd stay away from too. Keratin protein will probably be fine for you, as it is for me. I also do well with silk protein.

I have silk protein in my conditioner and keratin in a gel. I use only one protein product less than once a week and I'm fine.

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