What does protein sensitive hair feel like?

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I'm not protein sensitive. However, when I do protein treatments my hair does feel like "hard", but a deep conditioner treatment later my hair is back to normal. What does protein sensitive hair feel like? For protein sensitive curlies how long does it take for your hair to recover when it comes in contact with a protein? Does protein sensitivity generally correlate with think/course strands and low porosity?

I am just trying to understand my curly neighbours.
Some hair only likes certain types of protein and some hair doesn't like any. Depending on the protein, reactions can vary, but it seems reactions to undesired proteins are: hardness, breakage, tangles, roughness even when wet and some others. Hope this helps

3B, Fine, Med D, Norm P&E
LowP: SM Deep Cleansing
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LI: KCKT (mixed w/ GSO or EVOO)
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LowP: Kinky Curly Come Clean (50% EVOO)
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RO: Suave Coconut, VO5 Shea Cashmere
LI: KCKT or CJBCLI or HETT/HENOYF (w/ 8 drops GSO)

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My hair won't form into curls and will look and feel crispy. My best bet to fix this is to load up on moisturizers. Deep treatments twice a week and super hydrating stylers like SM milks.
Love my auburn 3b/3c curls!! Favorite products are Treseme Naturals conditioner and DevaCare ArcAngel(<---miracle for definition!) I really just want to GROW MY HAIR OUT!! It's not really working...

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