Can My Hair Ever Go Back To Normal??

Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums and I usually don't register to forums but I really reallllllyyyyy need help. Idk what I'm dealing with anymore and idk how to fix it so i decided to register in order to get the advice from other naturals. I'm 18 years old and decided to go natural in dec 2013 and I really loved my hair coming from years of relaxing. During this time of being natural for now what is 2 months I researched all types of things and came up to protein treatments, I figured I never used one before while I relaxed so I felt like maybe I needed one now that I was natural. I ended up purchasing Aphogee 2 step treatment and applied it to my hair on feb 16. My hair has NEVER been the same since then, it just doesn't hold any moisture AT ALL, it's brittle, tangles tremendously and constantly dry and I used to have low porosity hair but it seems my hair sucks up everything I put in it, it's like I've gotten myself a new head of hair that just doesn't act right. I'm so frustrated and brought absolutely everything (i believe i needed) to moisturize my hair but to end up in complete failure and I'm scared my hair will NEVER be normal again . I love my natural hair but I'm at the point where I feel I cannot save it and I'm now tempted to relax it once again . I really neeeeddddd help, I really want to know how do people usually overcome protein overload? will my hair ever get back to normal? and what can i possibly do??
Products I have used: Neutrogena Triple Moisture DT mask, bee mine bea.u.ti.ful DC (made my hair worse because of the coconut milk), Aussie 3 Min Moist ( worked after baggying but the next day reverted back to it's brittle way) Tressemme Naturals Vibrantly smooth (did not work).
Thank you for your response it is truly appreciated:
Maybe a deep conditioning overnight will help?
Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo -Neutrogena make one - then condition with something that doesn't have proteins or silicones in it.

I did a protein treatment years ago after reading all the hair articles indicating I should do so for healthier hair. My hair was left feeling brittle and actually went straighter so that's what I did. I did have to shampoo more than once before my hair felt normal.

Most proteins adhere to the outside of the hair strands so that's what you are trying to remove.

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