Has anyone tried soy butter?

I happened to try a gel with soy protein and my hair loved it. Unfortunately the gel had a change in the ingredient list and the new formula didn't agree with my leave in : (. I have read so many things about the dangers of soy products and consuming it except for the traditionally prepared fermented products. I was just wondering if anyone has used soy butter because it seems to be worth a try as my hair likes soy but if I wouldn't consume it how can I put it on my hair?
I used to have a body lotion called soy butter lol. I used to try butters & oils as all different things at first. a mask, a conditioner, a leave in, a sealer. can't hurt to experiment. I tried this with coconut butter & coconut oil & found I only liked them for deep conditions once a month. never repurchased & this was like 2 years ago when I was CG previously.

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recipe for soy butter
Sweet, Creamy and Simple: Homemade Vegan Butter (with Soy-Free Option)

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