Mane 'N Tail?????

I used it prior to CG and stopped because of the wax, Thinking it was not CG, now that I know I can use it again, I am gonna by a bottle today, I have always heard a rumor that it is suppose to be really good for your hair and make it grow faster , I always had good results with it, in fact I started using it on my 2 yr old, she is a baby fine straighty, I was hoping it would help her hair get thicker and longer. I defiantly recommend it, and it is a good deal for the amount that you get, hope that helps
i was actually gonna post to see if anyone used this stuff before i wanted to try it...where can i buy it?
Originally Posted by BeachBlondeWavie
I know the Sally's around here carry it, as wells as Longs Drugs, and maybe Walgreens?
Originally Posted by curlessence
yep, they have it at walgreens as well as CVS

funny, I remember using this as a kid. I didn't know they still sold this stuff!
3b, CG method
BC 6 February 2016 and growing out. . . again!
12 years ago, a girlfriend of mine RAVED about this, so I bought it and used it. I really wanted to like it, and gamely tried it for awhile, but all it did was make my hair feel heavily "coated", no matter what I did, and was just unsuitable for my fine-textured but plentiful hair. Funny thing was, she had finer-textured hair than I do, and she really liked it! It also dragged my curls down as well as making my hair look generally dull.
I guess this MIGHT work for those have very coarse-textured hair. The combo of having dry, but waxily-coated hair was not a good one, IMO. Thumbs down on this one for sure.

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