Does Sunsilk work?.......Reviews please

Thanks...I have the blue one but have yet to try it...
Hispanic/Black 3A-B
Mixed hair: Curls, waves and spirals.
I bought the anti-frizz one for my daughter, but it was horrible in her hair. I'm not sure of the color, but I'm thinking it was green. She is sensitive to cones, though, so I'm sure that's why it didn't work for her. I tried a sample of the green for my hair, and it did fine.
I'm a 3b, with 3c underneath.

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I bought the anti-frizz one for my daughter, but it was horrible in her hair. I'm not sure of the color, but I'm thinking it was green. She is sensitive to cones, though, so I'm sure that's why it didn't work for her. I tried a sample of the green for my hair, and it did fine.
Originally Posted by curlyjenn
Thanks Jenn..I guess it cant hurt, I will try it tonight.
Hispanic/Black 3A-B
Mixed hair: Curls, waves and spirals.
i had the sample of the green kind , i liked it so i got the bottle , it worked a few times but quit , my curls didnt care for it .. so i returned it , not good for CG
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I also bought the antifrizz line (green bottle) and HATED it! Dried my hair to a crisp!!! Never again!!
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I hated the antifrizz produts (I bought the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in) so much that I returned them all to the store for a full refund. It didn't do anything to my hair!! If anything, I think my hair was a little frizzier afterwards. It was such a waste of my time.

Whenever I straighten my hair (which I don't do very often anymore) I use the pink products and they are really good. Especially the leave-in pink. It helps me straighten my hair in a lot less time.
I have 3a curls and very very very fine hair that doesn't like being cut short (as it is now)! The longer it gets, the curlier.
I like the hair mask in the pink container. I always have a great hair day when I use it!
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I tried a sample of the green one and ended up with fluffy, undefined hair if that helps any. I brushed it out for day two and was pretty much straight which was a nice change
Fine Wavy (2a)
Weeklyish shampoo with CO's inbetween to keep down the grease.
I didn't like it all. Seemed to make make my hair fuzzy not curly. I used the one that is for curly/ that green?? In any event even though I hate to throw products away I threw this one away.
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The green one was HORRIBLE. So much in fact that I wasn't even going to bother trying the rest of the line. I ended up using a sample packet of the blue bottle - anti poof - and THAT one I LOVE. I went out and bought the bottle. I've used it to straighten, and to scrunch in a little bit of waves. I think this product is awesome.
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I have used the styling cream in yellow---think its supposed to be volumizing but the 'cones in it smooth and reduce volume a bit.

I still don't know if I really like it or not and I've used it at least 10 times!!
2C in most weather, but in summertime I impersonate a 3 very very well!
With thick curly out of control frizzy dry locks the idea that a shampoo could control my poof sounded good, but this stuff gave me even more poof instead. It didn't do what it claimed so I took it back, quite a disappointment!
It is what I used in the avatar photo but I agree with everyone else once was enough! Very drying.
I tried the one for curls in the green bottle and liked it at first. Then I decided that I didn't like the slippery/slimy feeling it gave my hair.
As almost everyone knows I'm on CG but the past couple of years I've been a bit flexible where 'cones are concerned, especially when my hair decides to misbehave.

I just love getting free samples so when I saw through the Wal-mart website that Sunsilk was giving them I ended up in their site. Those 3 stylist guys were so funny I thought there would be no harm in trying out a sample BUT after looking at the ingredient lists I decided to go for the Hydra TLC (pink). I gave my daughter the shampoo and used the CO after I colored, however, I over-colored so I immediately washed my hair and didn't get to find out if it did anything. I did like the cream but since cyclopentasiloxane is high up the list I would be afraid to use it regularly/often.

Then K-mart recently had Sunsilk on sale and because of the $1off coupon I suffered temporary insanity and got the Anti-Flat cream (yellow) because my hair was being wimpy and this one only has dimethiconol; however, I wasn't impressed so I gave it to my daughter. You would think that would "cure" me but then I ordered the Anti-frizz sample (green) and it came last week. I'm not in the mood for 'cones right now and after all this reviews I feel glad it's only a sample!

A similar thing happened with Pantene months ago. I bought the one for Curls and it didn't seem to do anything the 2-3 times I used it so now it's sitting in my closet; too late I remembered that a couple of years ago some people here had said it was bad. Ironically enough, I tried my daughter's "Full & Thick" and that one was better. Two years ago when I didn't know what cyclopentasiloxane was I bought a bottle of the "Natural & Relaxed" because it contains coconut oil, I used it as leave-in and had a great hair day, but on a hunch I called their Customer Service and found out it was a 'cone, I complained and they refunded my money and sent me a couple of coupons (???) and I gave the CO to one of my daughter's friends. Years ago, before CG, when they had their old formulas I also have better results with my daughter's CO for fine hair rather than my one for color-treated hair. I guess what really matters is what ingredients our hair likes and not what the manufacturers say we should use.
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I am CG but I used this over X-mas because it was rainy and I wanted to make sure my hair stayed straight so I used the Blue Anti-poof kind. The reviews for the cream that it comes with were great on makeup alley so I also used that.

Overall I liked how it worked in my hair when I used both the shampoo ad conditioner with the cream. My hair stayed completely straight with no frizz or poof even though it was rainy out. I've heard mixed things about the green kind but all of the comments on other message boards seem to be positive for the rest of the line.

I probably would only use it when I absolutely needed my hair to stay straight because of all the cones, but if I was still straightening my hair daily (like I have in the past) then I would definitely re-use.
I've observed that seems to be ALWAYS the case with practically every brand of hair products (and other cosmetics too): they'll have one or two really good products (or even more) but the rest of the line will stink!
2A/3A, medium length, layered, colored dark/medium ash blonde - "CGer" since April '02.

"Converting the 'curlskeptics' one curly head at a time..." HWHC
The anti poof was actually amazing! it reduced my puffiness! It made my hair really managable, and added length instead of shrinking. The Blue anti-poof shampoo and conditioner work great, i have yet to use the styling cream
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i got my hydra tlc sample yesterday. i used the poo [small amount], condish, and the 24/7 creme. my hair felt sooo soft, i <3 it. i kept running my fingers through it and touching it, so my hair was a bit poofy.
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i really liked the sunsilk curl creme (green bottle) when i used it in the summer. i used it w/ leave-in conditioner, but it didn't work that well in the winter.

(im not CG)
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