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Does anyone use the skinny products by Paul Mitchell? It took my daughter to get her hair cut and they said she should use these products. I have the surem and I hated it. It made my hair really greasey. I used it on her hair and it works really good. It makes her hair shiney and less frizzy. She has a lot more curl then I do. Just curious if anyone has tried this and they like it?
I use it when i go straight . still have the bottle thats lasted me for a year now..i only use about 2-3 drops of it and it makes my hair shiny and smooth , i love it , i have tryed other serums and this 1 is the best one so far that doesnt make my hair weighed down or oily, plus it smells so good. everyone always ask me what i use in my hair cuz it smells good.
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I use the conditioner when I straighten my hair. It is very thick and smells yummy.
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I use the serum, especially if its humid, and it works really well for me. A little goes a long way, I've had this bottle for about two years, though the salon I go to gives out samples around the holidays, and last year I got three, so those have been dumped into the bigger bottle, kind of like a refill I agree about the smell; I love it!
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Next to their Spray Wax, this is my favorite PM product. It has a fantastic smell (watermelon-like) and I would NOT recommend it for anyone who is not styling straight or who has very, very thick curly hair. If you have curly hair, literally half a pump will do it.

The trick with the product is to apply it when the hair is damp before drying, as it is heat-activated and helps speed your drying time, in addition to protecting your hair from heat. If you apply it once the hair is dry, it sort of just sits on top and doesn't do much. If you want a product to use dry, I'd go with their gloss drops.

The first product I sell to people who flat-iron their hair is the super skinny notch product.
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why wouldn't you recommend it for people with thcik hair?
I'm a 2c/3a just trying to find what works for me and vey confused.
I like Paul Mitchell products, but wow are there a lot of them to choose from. The serum is good. I like that Paul Mitchell has been around a long time. I trust they must be doings something right.

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