Naturelle Aura Rosemary mint rejuvenating conditioner

Has anyone used this? how is it working for you?
Has anyone used this? how is it working for you?
Originally Posted by JKinks<3
I've just started using this product about a month now, I found it at Winners and decided to try because it has rosemary and mint for scalp treatment. So far I find this conditioner works really well for my dense 4A hair and soothes my sensitive scalp. I have a condition called seborrhoeic dermatitis; I basically get sores on my scalp if it is not washed regularly because of this advanced type of dandruff. I wash my hair every 3 days and Aura rosemary mint helps to soothe my scalp and keep it fresh for those days in between washing. It also smells really really good not overpowering like tea tree shampoos and conditioners. After washing and conditioning I use a leave in conditioner and apply castor oil on the ends of my hair which helps to keep the moisture in. I say give Aura a try, I bought this at the department store for 40% off the original price that was another incentive.
it's a nice, lightweight conditioner. It does have silicones tho so beware if you are completely cg. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Mint conditioner is good as well. I buy the gvp version from Sally's.
2b, fine, thin, mod cg
loves protein!
Currently using:
cowash: vo5 tea therapy
r/o: biotera volumizing condish, gvp cb
l/i: biotera leave-in
styling: biotera styling gel, curl cream, btz thick enuff cream/mousse
winter styling: btz thick enuff mousse, got2b curling mousse, kenra texturizing putty

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