Palmer's came out with a coconut product line for hair and I loooooove their Hair Milk ^_^

The first ingredient is water, and the second ingredient is shea butter. Followed by various other ingredients. I looove the way the hair milk leaves my hair.
I put the hair milk on my hair, then I put Coconut oil to seal in the moisture and add to it, put my hair in twisties and in the morning, it's soooo soft

Just wanted to share my experience with the Hair Milk!! I think I'll stick to Palmer's products because my hair also loooooves their Olive Oil Gro Therapy:

I know it has mineral oil in it, but honestly, my hair looooooves it! It gives it so much softness and it feels very moisturized, just don't use too much of it!
I love Palmer's products!

Naturally coily, 4a when wet, 4a and 4b when dry and loving it. Low porosity, Medium-High Density, Coarse/Thick textured
It's my hair and if people don't approve they should take it up with the creator, not the creation. : )