Africa's Best Organics Carrot Oil - anyone use this as a leave-in?

I found an old jar of the Africa's Best Organics Carrot Oil that I had bought a few years ago and have considered using it for my hair. Right now it is short and about 2A but when it is long it is 3A/3B...don't ask me how that works!

Anyways, I want to keep my hair from drying out because it gets dry really easily and I found this stuff...when I had long hair I found it was too greasy but maybe I did'nt know how to put it in my hair.

I'm of Indian descent.
Oh, forgot to mention, I'm talking about the cream, not the oil.
yes i used it it is reallly good i like it i have 3b-4a hair i guess and it has good ingredients it contains no mineral oil or petrolium = no build up hope this helps i would post more about if u hav any questions ask me



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