Anyone try VO5 Nourishing Oasis Product Line?

I try to co-wash with something a little cheaper than using a regular conditioner so I was browsing the VO5 site and saw they had the Nourishing Oasis line. Has anyone tried this? I use the regular for co-washing and do find it a bit on the thin side so wondering if this was a little thicker and perhaps more moisturizing too.
I have this for a co-wash and for the money, it's good. I will sometimes ooomph it up with my Curlicious Cleansing Cream. But for a cheap co-wash, it does a decent job.
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i used it a year ago , it was ok . nothing special about it for my hair , one condish did make my hair a lil dry . i never bought it again tho.
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If you want a thicker conditioner, Oasis is quite thick. I like the Honey Almond. It does have one silicone, though, so be aware of that.
It was okay. Nothing spectacular. It wasn't "enough" for my hair to use on it's own, though. But your hair might be different.
3C/4A and too long to handle (and afford!)

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