Aura Hypoallergenic Gel (Naturelle)

This stuff gives me the worst white flakes!! Also, it has the isothiazoliniones as part of its preservative package, and they are huge ALLERGENS. Funny, considering the name of the product. I was sad I need a hair gel!!
Does it need to be fragrance-free/natural? Those are hard to find....

Did you have an allergic reaction? If not, I would not yet toss it....

I have the same gel and it's not flaking on me. How do you use it? Maybe it reacts with another product you use before or after....?! Maybe your hair is not wet enough when you apply it?! Maybe you use too much?!

Perhaps you can try to mix it with a bit of water in your palms, before application.
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Hmm. I have never had flaking from that gel, but then my hair doesn't seem to prone to flaking anyway. I wonder if using it over a leave-in would help?
I had the same problem. It didn't matter if I applied it to soaking wet hair, damp hair, dry hair, hair with leave in conditioner, hair with nothing else in it, a quarter sized amount, a palmful....

It flaked like crazy on my hair.
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Hmmm, I've never had it flake on me, and I use a LOT. I wonder why it would flake...?
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Hmm. I have never had flaking from that gel, but then my hair doesn't seem to prone to flaking anyway. I wonder if using it over a leave-in would help?
Originally Posted by SuZen
I use Aura Hypo Gel over leave-in every day and it doesn't flake on me. My leave-ins are either BWC or JMO Citrus/Neroli. I use about 2 nickel-sized drops to cover my hair.
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I am sure the flaking has to do with the humidity here. Flaking happens when the film formed by the gel gets too brittle for reasons related to temp and humidity usually and it starts to break up and fall off in little chunks - hence the flakes. I have tried applying it to my hair in smaller amounts, to soaking hair, to hair that is less wet, to dry hair. I always apply it over a spray-on light, leave-in conditioner.

As for whether I had a reaction or not, I have horrible eczema on my forehead and upper back since I have had my baby, and it gets aggravated by known dermatological allergens, such as the preservatives I mentioned (which are NOT supposed to be used in leave-in prducts at all, especially not ones marketed as hypoallergenic, ironically.)

Anyway, still searching for a gel.

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