NEW Garnier Pure Clean Conditioner

I can't find a lot of info about this, but there was a thread started a while back about Target doing pre-orders for this new Garnier line. The bottle lists 'No silicone. No parabens, No dye' right on the front. From the ingredients on my bottle, I believe it is protein free as well, and lists several 'oils', as Garnier usually does. I added this to my on-line Target cart to get free shipping on the rest of my order, it retails for $4.99, so why not?

I was hoping to use this as a co-wash, or possibly a leave in since the back label boasts about the clean formula, however when I squirted some into my hands for the first time this morning, I realised the formula is FAR to thick for either of my intended uses. I low-pood instead and used the Garnier as a RO.

It is heavily fragranced, so those of you who are sensitive to fragrance, this is not for you. My nose picked up an appley-fruity- lightly musky scent, but I do have a sensitive nose that can pick up on scents that others don't smell at all. In all fairness, it didn't seem to linger when my hair was dry. I kind of like the smell, but it is not my favorite.

When I applied the condish I wasn't sure it was going to be moisturising enough despite its THICK consistency. I like to test new condishs after low pooing to get a sense of their moisture. So I put my hair up in a plastic shower cap and continued my shower. When I removed the cap, my hair felt quite moisturised but not 'slippy'. I think this is more of a 'grabby' conditioner, and I like that every now and then. Detangling was easy/average.

Overall I like this. I might like GFTN slightly better though. I can see myself in Target when I run out debating between the two. I dont know why we can't find any info about this online, and the Target site has nothing listed besides the bare bones (price, locations to find it, bottle size, etc.). If I get a chance later on, I'll type out the ingredients for you all.
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I was able to buy this in my local Target. I thought the same thing about it as a co-wash initially, that it would be too thick. I used it as a RO, and was completely underwhelmed. Didn't care for it at all! Before I threw it away, I thought I'd try it again, so I did use it as a co-wash. Not bad! It's thick, so you need to really emulsify with water. I followed it up w/ GVPCB. Ended up with really nice, clumpy curls. So I guess I won't get rid of it just yet, and save it for the occasional co-wash.

On a related note, I bought the Pure Clean shampoo too, thinking it might be good for when I want to clarify. It's awful, super harsh and really felt like it stripped my hair. I have shampoos made specifically for clarifying that are much gentler. So, the shampoo did go straight to the trash can!
I have tried the conditioner on my hair and absolutely love it. I wanted to try the shampoo but once i read sodium hydroxide as the last ingredient i quickly changed my mind, although i read that sodium hydroxide is a stablizer i still worry above the long term effects. I can't wait until the gel, paste, and smoothing creme are available though.
All of the Pure Clean stuff was on sale at Walgreens this weekend, so I bought the condish/gel/cream. I tend to condition and just use the conditioner as a LI, so that's what I did. It took me a lot more than I usually use to detangle (as others have said, little slip), BUT, it is true to its word. With the gel on top, my hair has good clumping, good tight curl formation, and is not weighed down (it's not sticking straight out, which is my ideal, but it's a rare product that does that).

Triple Nutrition, for example, does weigh my hair down after using maybe 1/4 as much (though it has much better slip).

The gel is weird in consistency (probably because it has a bunch of gums--acacia, xanthan and also talc in it), so my hair felt producty after it dried and I needed to SOTC, but not this morning when I have (trumpets please) Second Day Hair!

So, all in all: not perfect, but dirt cheap, so yay!

(BTW, I'm 3b/3c, normal thickness, lower density, good elasticity, loves protein and some moisture) (I think)
I saw the whole line at Walgreens and was tempted....but I of course wanted to check here first.

I wonder if there are any other reviews somewhere on here? Especially was interested in the "putty" thing???

not for sure about my other "stuff"
Still new and trying to get a routine
I was at the drugstore today and I think the Fructis Pure shampoo also has sulfates in it.
i bought the cream stuff and the conditioner at walmart

can't wait to try it
I just used it today cowash and the cream and i have no frizz and my hair is pretty soft! awesome!

I also used my usual coconut oil and some yes to cucumber leave in oh and I also used yes to c. conditioner when I was detangling
LOVE this conditioner! I'm a college student, so I've been doing my best to get a mix of products that are cheap and work well. Tried GFTN at first and absolutely hated it, so I was leery of this, too, but I figured it was so cheap that I really couldn't lose. Agree with the low slip, but I use it as my RO and then put KCKT over it to detangle, so I don't mind too much. As for the smell...not too bad, and not nearly as strong as most GF stuff.
Thumbs up!
Good to know that this stuff is OK. I bought it a few weeks ago to try it out after my Tresemme Naturals runs out. I haven't used it yet but have semi high hopes for it. I've only been CG for about 3 months and still haven't figured out exactly which products out there work for me.
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I've been using the conditioner for the past month and while it's not quite enough for my detangling needs it keeps my hair soft long after I wash. An excellent conditioner for when I cowash.
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I want to try this line out so badly. I hope it gets to my country soon. I'm also a student and it's very hard to find good inexpensive CG products here (i live in The Netherlands). You curlys are talking about a lot of good products, but we almost got none of them here
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there was quite a lively discussion about the Garnier pure and clean products on the 4a boards:

They mostly talked about the paste, cream, and gel. HTH!
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Will try any CG product at least once.
Proud to be a PJ!

I started using this a few weeks ago. I think it is a nice conditioner but not extremely moisturizing or anything. It detangles well but I need to use a huge handful of it to get the job done.

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*3a shoulder length curls
*experimenting with the CG method
I just bought the condish to replace my current RO and the gel. I used the gel this morning over my Re:coil and hated the results. I think I might have gotten just a bit too much Re:coil because it got rubbery. I'm going to try it tomorrow by itself and see what it does.
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No Poo and loving it! Gave up my hair dryer and never looked back!

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The second ingredient in the shampoo is ammonium, which is an absolute no go for curly hair. Avoid this product like the plague. Highly disappointing.
Will you ladies please add your reviews of this Garnier product here?
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
I'm a 2b and am loving the gel from this line! I kind of thought I was off gels, but bought this on a whim. Holy clumping!!! Lots of shine too, definitely a new staple for me!
very stinky conditioner, the whole house smelled after my daughter used it. Why they insist on putting cheapo fragrance in decent products is beyond me! Leave it unfragranced!!

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I was at Rite Aid looking for a cheap CG friendly cream/gel to battle the southern heat wave - i got the GF pure clean 24 frizz control smoothing cream - hope it works
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