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Fluffy01 03-29-2011 01:39 PM

Anyone have the Deva dryer and finger diffuser? Worth it?
I'm thinking about getting it once my hair gets longer. My stylist has the fingers, so I'll of course let her use it once before I drop the money. Just curious about the experiences with it tho. Thanks!

RacerWife7 03-29-2011 02:29 PM

I have one. It doesn't work very well for me, unfortunately. But, my hair is much longer than yours is. I'm not sure if the difference in length would be a plus for you. But, I couldn't use the 'fingers' in my roots or I got wonky, bent curls. :( Boo! LOL! I have much better luck with my bowl diffuser and a low wattage blow dryer.

mrsgp101310 03-29-2011 03:04 PM

I have the attachment, and I must say, I use my $10 bowl diffuser way more often than the devafuser. I should've taken it back & got a refund, but I procrastinated and now I'm stuck with it...The bowl diffuser just works better for me, it dries much faster than the fingers. It does seem like a great concept, so of course i had to have it, but it's not better than the bowl for me.

rbb 03-29-2011 03:16 PM

i, too, have the deva dryer and finger attachment, and i, too, am sorry i purchased it.
my t3 dryer & diffuser continue to be the only thing that works for my hair. i keep the deva dryer in case my t3 ever breaks without warning.
save your money, buy a t3!

kathymack 03-29-2011 04:02 PM

I, too, had the Deva dryer and diffuser. Didn't care for it and sold it on the swap board. I LOVE my FHI Nano Pro.

Auntie Bubbs 03-29-2011 08:58 PM

  • My deva stylist used the fingers on my hair and my hair came out great, but I remain sceptical about my ability to use it myself, so I stick with my bowl and low heat setting on the dryer. I forget what specific type of dryer I have, but I know its tourmaline/ceramic/ionic whatever :D

MirCurls 03-30-2011 03:16 PM

I bought it; used it for a while; realized that I am not the ideal customer for it. Got more frizz than with the bowl diffuser.

I find I prefer to use a trident type pick to lift roots and a bowl diffuser for crown height, then clip.

And I prefer using my own fingers as needed.

I don't have a whole lotta hair, so there wasn't much for the Deva fingers to do. Honestly...I think it would work much better on someone with dense hair and good natural curling/clumping.

For thinner hair and hair that needs curl encouragement (like wavies or 3a), I think it's a bust.

But I'd say it would be good for dense haired-gals who need to GET IN THERE with the hotter air and find it hard without the projectile action of the fingers, or for those who want looser curls.

Still, if someone said to me the fingers versus the bowl, the bowl, hands down, no questions. The bowl with a good ionic diffuser.

curlyricki 01-10-2013 02:32 PM

sell me your Deva Fuser!
several people post they didn't like it. i've used the one at the salon and love it, but cannot afford a new one. if you have one that is working and you are willing to sell, email me at! :toothy8:

Pookarina 01-12-2013 05:52 AM

Me too
I'll buy one.

PM me. I'll,pay ASAP


cookiepie 01-12-2013 09:32 AM

I have one but have not used it for more than a couple minutes because I don't like it!!!

GoddessCurls 03-08-2013 10:01 AM

I was actually just looking at this...but after reading all the comments on this and other threads...consensus is it doesn't seem needed. It's a shame cause the design makes it loo like such a good idea

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