Review: Got2B curl-vacious curled up spray

This is horrible...made my hair sticky, stiff, and hard. Used on dry hair to revive curls as it claims to do, & is a waste of money. Luckily I have my receipt and it goes back tomorrow.
Thanks for the review, I was curious about it but now I'll pass. I'll go and spend my $$ on something else.
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I used their curl cream and it was just as bad. I think that entire line is just garbage.
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I have not used said product, but really like the Got2Be Spiked Up gel (I have thick, long, 2b/3a hair)! I have a curly haired friend that recommended it to me. It is for those who want very good hold and a tighter curl pattern that will last all day. It can get crunchy, but it looks great when scrunched out. I'm actually really excited that I found it.

As for a spray, I just started using Set It Free by Devacurl as a curl refresher, and so far so good! Leaves hair soft, and more defined.
I had great results with their curl creme when I was using it (pic in my Fotki-- November ringlets). I scrunched it into wet hair, and had to use quite a bit (hair was BSL at the time- and I have a lot of it) but had great definition, and no frizz... so different strokes I suppose. I've been thinking about going back to it.

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The spray is horrible. I tried it when I was first starting to wear my hair curly, and I used it on wet and dry hair. Used on wet it did nothing- maybe dried it out a little. On dry hair it turned my hair into something resembling the texture of a brillo pad.

The awful results scared me away from any other of their products.
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