Suave AloeVera and Waterlily

I just tried this for a co-wash for the first time and really liked it! Great slip, moisturizing and detangled well.

I don't know why, but then I decided to use it as my regular conditioner also. That didn't work as well, but I wanted to give it a try! I'll definitely use it again for co-washing, though.

I think my hair liked that this conditioner doesn't have proteins. I didn't care for the Coconut or milk and honey. I wish they worked well for me for co-washes, but my hair felt dried out and tangled from them.

Thanks for your review. Is this one different from the original version? Is one or the other more moisturizing?
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Small fry,

I'm sorry, but I never tried the original version. I bought this bottle after they supposedly reformulated it.

Does anyone know if the ingredients are any different?

The ingredient lists are almost exactly the same between the new aloe and the old aloe. Now it's aloe juice instead of gel but otherwise it's pretty much the same. It works the same on me. I've never really been able to use any of the "cheapo" conditioners as a 2nd conditioner, they're great for washing and I'm usually fine with just that but if it's super dry out and I need extra moisture they don't quite do the trick for me.
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