Products for 2nd day hair

Oh my this thread has been revived XD I've bought a pomade in hopes that it may help with frizz! :0 we shall see how it goes! Aside from that I've nearly perfected the art of applying products to my hair when wet XD so frizz has been dramatically reduced but not defeated.
Plus I sleep like crazy at night and when I wake up the next day I look NUTS second day hair, Y U NO HAPPEN? a kitty cat...and i dance dance dance
2B/2C hair!

Shampoo: GTTT, SheaMoisture
Condish Tresemme naturals, GFTN
DT: Lustrasilk + honey
Styling products: Ouidad CC, TIGI Catwalk, KCCC, PaulMitchell Sculpting Foam
Oils: Coconut
+1 Mircurls- I've used both CJ SL and SSCEJ on dry hair and I love what they do to revive my curls. I bght them as samples from kathymack so they are conviently packaged for me to carry around
LI: Suave Coco, KCKT, EVCO I Gel: LALSG

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