my hair is currently a couple inches below my shoulders and it has a lot of natural volume. i need to get rid of some of this volume! i do not like using gels because they dry out my hair and make them crunchy and mousses just add extra volume. so i want to do conditioner only styling. i find when i use some leave in conditioner my curls just die down a lot into these weird like 3a undefined messed up curls. with gel and stuff i can get my hair to be 3b but its dry and crunchy and producty.
so i heard suchhh good things about using herbal essences hello hydration as a leave in and totally twisted.
i need something to weigh down my hair and hydrate. i know putting in plenty of either condish will weigh it down and keep it soft and hydrated. but i want the conditioner to also make my hair curlier since as i said, im having a problem with defining my curls.
i dont mind scrunching gently a little bit to get the curl.
but i keep reading how HH gives people more curl than TT. so which one makes your hair curlier, used as a leave in!?!!?! or just in general i guess.
i cant decide which one to buy!
also should i apply the condish to really wet hair to decrease volume?
btw i am not CG.