Shea Moisture Curling Souffle

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I am going to try this product under my pink eco gel with my wash and gos. Has anyone tried that?
This stuff has a HUGE learning curve too much it's oily sticky and your hair never dries too little you get a ton of frizz but just right and mixed with the curl enhancing smoothie it's amazing. I use the two faithfully but it was awful before I learned the right amount for my hair. Shea Moisture Curling Souffle-imageuploadedbycurltalk1348519176.691499.jpg
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I bought this stuff yesterday and I can already tell it's my new HG! So glad I decided to try this out.

I was getting droopy separated curls like I always do when the season changes, and I frantically look for something to help. Well this did the trick! Just a pea size amount under a little gel and I've got amazing curls!

And it smells awesome so that's a bonus.
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HG I fell into the craze and my hair is happy with Deva! No Poo, Angel, and one condish = awesome hair day.
My hair loves Protein!

So I just discovered the shea moisture line and I am sooo happy. Its so cheap and so good. I have 3b/3c fine thin hair that was damaged from coloring it. My hair wouldn't hold its curl like it used to and it was very frizzy. So I bought the shea moisture shine line. I used the shampoo, rinsed the shea moisture conditioner out of my hair, then sectioned my hair in 4 parts and put a little less than a dime of the shea moisture hair milk in each section.

Then I did the same for the curl enhancing smoothie. Then I add catwalk curls one pump in each section. Lastly I take the curling souffle and rub it on my hands (very very little just enough to create a film on my hands) and rake/shingle it thru each section. I rewet and scrunch my hair then difuse it upside down. My hair is lovely. Its curly, bouncy, shinny,...etc. It added so much curl to my hair!! I am so happy oh and it has healed the damage from the color in my hair!!
Perhaps I will revisit this product after reading of the combinations that some of the ladies have come up with. I tried it when it first released and my initial thoughts were not good ones. The consistency was very slimy, and it left what felt like was a film on my hair, it also seemed like it prolonged the time it takes my hair to dry.
I should have looked at the ingredients because they are the same as long aid glycerin curl activator. I love the milk and the shampoo so I got the souffle thinking I might be on a roll but naw. My hair never got dry and it was sticky and tacky and greasy. Yes it hung and showed off my length but honestly it looked like a jehri curl. I like big fluffy 70s hair not 80s. I washed it out and put it my kinky curly custard. Im not mad about the money because it was cheap but the time to do my hair twice in less than 24 hours is considerable. Hopefully my hair will dry before the baby wakes so I can take the curlers off of my braids and go outside.
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