In Kind

Has anyone heard of or tried In Kind products? I've been trying to find reviews about it and all I found was something like this:

You know that being well not only means exercising and eating the right foods, but taking care of the outside too, like your body, hair, face and hands. And we’ve just made it easier with our new In-Kind product line. In-Kind lotions, body washes, shampoos, conditioners, facial products, hand soaps, and more have all been specially formulated with gentle ingredients so you can be your best you.

All products have:

* +90% natural ingredients
* Clean, Fresh, and Natural Scents
* Strong efficacy

All Products DON’T have:
* Parabens
* Sulfates
* Animal by-products
* Pesticides
* Phthalates
* Petroleum or petroleum based products
* Synthetic colors
* Mineral oil
* Synthetic fragrance

Has anyone tried it? What were the results? I saw it in my local safeway store and was tempted to buy despite being on a no buy...sigh
sorry for the late reply. Can't seem to find a website. Only a store locator of their products.

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