Alternative for Curl Keeper??

Hey guys,

I've been using Curl Keeper since April or so. I'm not thrilled with it. It's better than the "Lots of Curls" (by La Bella) I picked up the other day and better than not using anything at all (or just Deva Curl as leave in).

But this stuff is breaking my bank. I get it from where I get my deva cut and it's like $47 for the bottle. It only lasts about 3mo *maybe*. If I'm lucky. I can't spend that.

So I wondered if anyone had tried anything that worked as well or had similar qualities as Curl Keeper.

I currently use Giovanni 50/50 shampoo, Deva Curl condish (and as leave-in) then Curl Keeper and then Herbal Essences Set-Me-Up mousse just on the ends after plopping for about 1/2 hour.

Thanks for any ideas.
I am waiting for an answer to that question also...
I was watching YouTube (Waterlilly's channel) and she did this whole bit about the similarities between curl keeper and regular lube. The ingredients are almost the same and she said that it worked the same on her hair.
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Let's hear it for beautiful curls!!!
PERFECT!! She's funny about putting it in the CK bottle - and I'm hopeful that it will work. THANKS for that!!
When I looked at the ingredient list Waterlilly listed, glycerin is much higher up on the list in the lube than for CK. I am pretty sure my hair has problems with that much glycerin and that's why Jessicurl awe-inspiraling spray isn't so great for me -- most of the time it's pretty dry here in S CA!
Anyone else have thoughts on this?
I've tried KY jelly in my hair and love it. Since I learned that it was glycerin that my hair was reacting so positively to, I started adding glycerin to my FSG and deep treatments. Works like a charm.
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I don't have an alternative but since you also buy Deva products, you could buy those and CK at There's usually a 15-20% coupon floating around!
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So after looking more into this option - the Personal Lube substitute for the Curl Keeper - I found that the price per ounce is the same as Curl Keeper. And the personal lube size at CVS is so small, I'd use about 1/2 of it on my lion's mane of hair - at least thats how it seems, it probably wouldn't be that much.

So - I think I'll keep looking. Maybe there's something out there that will work that isn't a lube-like product like that that will still work. Who knows.

Thanks for all the info.

I'm definitely going to look into the Deva Curl stuff though - thanks for that input!!

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