Devacare--worth the $$$?

Hi Ladies,

Has anyone tried the Devacurl or Devacare line? What were your experiences? I ordered the Devacurl (i have colored hair) and am waiting for it to get delivered...trying the low poo and the arc angel gel. I am wondering if it is worth the hype. Also wondering the same thing about their haircuts. Any input appreciated =)

I am new to CG (about 4 weeks in) and just got my first curly cut at Devachan in NY about 3 weeks ago. I'm really pleased with the cut - for the first time in my life my hair was "debulked" without using thinning shears! I'm growing out a pixie cut and she was able to reduce the volume of my hair by half but still keep the length and layers.

I've also been using the DC OneCondition and Angel for styling, and have also been really pleased. I know now after being on this board that there are a LOT of products for curlies, and how well they work depend a lot on the type of hair you have (fine/med/coarse texture, high/low/normal porosity). I'm not much for spending a ton of time and money on my hair, however, so once I've found what works (which for me is mostly DC) I tend to stick with it.
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Looking for: good curl definition, clumping and no frizz
Many of us start out with Deva, think we like it and then move on to other things. My salon has it and I used to let them use the NoPoo when I went in for my haircut/highlight. Since the ingredient changes a few years ago, I find it drying and won't let them use it. I bring my own products.

Determining your hair properties is really a good thing. Once you do, you can look for folks with hair like yours and see what they use. It's a good place to start.

My hair prefers the more natural products from the online, boutique type hair companies.
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I agree that many people begin with it, but ultimately move on to other products.

I personally don't care for the smell, and have had better luck with other brands and methods.
That was the first curly line products I tried in 2009. Some DCare and some DCurl. I don't use any of them anymore. Used them the first months and then segued to others. While the Lowpoo and One Condition were fine, for the results, overpriced, imo. I was fine with the scents, but they made me itchy. (I'm highly sensitive, so it's not their fault, ya know?)

I gave away some, threw away some, and I would not use their stuff again unless, by some miracle, there's a mad reformulation and the peops on here that have hair like mine or whose opinion I trust start raving like mad at its ubergreatness.

I think a lot of us try that first due to the Curly Girl book or the Best of the Best designation it got here (when I began, it's what I noticed here).

But I don't think they're that good. The styling products positively suck. The only ones that I would recommend to folks dead set on trying DC are the Lowpoo and the One C. None of the other stuff I bought (and I bought nearly the whole line) was worth repurchasing at all. The gel sucks many eggs.
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Thank you for your insight you ladies have a line you particularly love or do you mix and match and try around? I will try the devacare the once and see if it is worth the hype...I got the low poo and the gel that went with the devacare line. I am Italian American and have spiral curls (maybe botticelli?) I feel like my hair is fine but maybe I have a lot of it. I get oily at the scalp quickly so while the ends are dry I still have to wash often.
To Debbah and anyone who's gotten the deva haircut...Is it true you should only get the cut if you go curly 100% of the time? Ive seen some ladies write that it looks uneven and horrible straight...I wear my hair curly most of the time, but I do like to straighten it if I'm going out or for an occasion to switch things up. Thanks again gals!

I just want to add that I tried some Ouidad products (daily gentle shampoo--i think thats the name) and the humidity gel...NOT impressed.
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I mix and match, though I've had good experiences with Yes to Carrots. It might not be wholly CG, though; not sure.

I'm a wavy.
Here is a thread that should help you determine your hair properties:

Once you know those it's easier for people to make product recommendations! Many people here like the Curl Junkie line (pretty much online only) and Spiral Solutions (online as well closed for some reason). But many people have found success using drugstore products. I suggest that you search for beginner help or drugstore product recommendations to get some ideas!
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gels: CJ CQ, CJ Pattern Pusha, BRHG

I know I'm a type 3 curly hair...not sure about the rest...I am of Italian descent so I hae that spiral mediterranean curly hair. I got my delivery pretty quickly (im guessing they sell out of NY as well b/c I live in NY) and tried the Dcare low poo and Dcare angel this morning...too early to tell but I can say my hair is softer and not as tangled...not totally blown away by the gel so far...But in all fairness i need a better haircut right now. Shampoo isn't bad but I'll have to see how that goes a few weeks into using it with regards to build up. ...ill definitely shop around and do some reasearch though...not liking how pricy the Deva line is.

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