Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditoning vs Curl Junkie Curl Rehab?

I have been using Jessicurl Weekly DC for a while but I kind of want a change. Has anyone used CJCR? If so, how did you like it? If anyone has used both Jessicurl and CJ which one is better?
I've used both. They're both good DTs, so you really can't go wrong. Personally, I prefer the CJCR, but not for any specific performance-related reason.

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I don't see a difference in their performance either; however, I like WDT better only because I can get it unscented. I mix it with a lot of other conditioners to cut the fragrance and help keep from itching.
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I have used both and think they are both great. I sometimes alternate between the two. I think I do prefer CJCR only because I get fuller bouncier curls with it. I have very thin, fine hair. So I think it is really a personal preference but both are very good, moisturizing conditioners( two of my favorites).
The curl rehab works better on my hair than the wdt, though I like them both.
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I've only tried the CR but love it! I use it for everything: rinse out, leave-in and as a DT.
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