Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Gel!

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Hey wavynwild - I am still loving the PureClean, HOWEVER, I found that I was not getting good second day hair, which I pretty consistently get with Angel.

So ... I modified a bit, and am using about a 1/4 palmful of PureClean mixed with about the same amount of Angel and that seems to fix it - getting great curl def and no frizz with pretty decent day 2 hair.

I'd still say I'm in the LOVE IT category, but just had to tweak it a bit.
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Type: 2c/3a
Texture: medium-ish
Porosity: normal to low
Density: THICK!

Co-wash: OC
Cond/Leave-in: OC
Style: MOP Curl Defining Cream, Angel, Garnier Pure Clean Gel
SOTC: MOP Glisten pomade, Aveda Humectant Pomade

Looking for: good curl definition, clumping and no frizz
It makes my curls really really curly. I have S curls and this stuff makes my S curls really pop and spring. I really like the results but I can pass on the smell. Smells like some old dude's cologne. It seems to go away mostly when the hair is dry. I notice for me it dries shiny which I like.

I don't use it anymore because I have a lot of hair..and I find that little tube to not be much for it to cost me 4 bucks and some change. Plus the smell annoys me after a while. But man if it weren't for that smell..and the price for so little..what a great gel!

I wonder why they wouldn't make a gel called Pure Clean not have such a strong smell. Frankly, no smell would have been great!
I'm mixing it with a little CO and AVG and really liking the effects so far. It made my hair too curly (is that such a thing? The tighter curl sections of my hair were like 2 inches shorter than the others)
Still no second day hair tho.
I tried this gel after receiving a coupon that brought the price down to $0.34. I personally didn't like it. I had a nice curl but the condition and feel of my hair wasn't at par
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I tried this gel after reading all the awesome reviews and I had ok(just ok) results the first time I used it, but every time after that has been terrible. It made my hair so tangled and feel like it was stripped as if I had just shampoo'd it with sulfate shampoo. The last time I used it, I ended up having to recondition my hair just to get rid of the tangles. I've tried this gel alone and with a leave-in/other products, it just doesnt work for me. I just wish I knew what it was that didnt work so I could avoid it in future gel products.

What did work for me nicely was the curl shaping spray gel, forgoing the sprayer so I could apply manually. I ran out though and thought I'd try something new. Oh well all part of the journey
I recently tried this gel and really like it.
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I want to buy this just to see what it feels like lol.
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My pic is the result of putting the gel into my hair in the shower, running a comb through it, adding more water, then flipping over and scrunching with a small amount of the pure clean smoothing cream.

I love this stuff and hope to god they never discontinue it.

GF Pure Clean all the way, for me, baby!
I'm impressed with this gel and it does not leave a crunchy feeling for me because I use it on wet hair but lately I've been dissatisfied in its performance because I used it with the frizz control cream and it did not hold my curls , I think they would be better as separate products but I live the no-frizz effect the cream has. But overall this gel is a holy grail, I have never tried a gel better (so far)
I bought this gel after reading this thread even though glycerin is high up on list of ingredients and I'm in high dews most of the time. I held onto it and waited for moderate dews (50's). Tried it, liked it but used too much first time and hair felt waxy. Had to wash next day not bc it looked bad but bc I didn't like the gritty/waxy feel.

Next time I used it, day started off well but dews went back up to high 60's and I got poof and frizz.

We have a cool front today (dews in low 50's) so I brought it out. This time I mixed it with AIF and great results! Nice clumps, great shine and virtually no frizz! It is different from regular store bought gels. I will definitely use it in moderate dews!!
3a/b, fine texture, low porosity, normal elasticity, mod-CG 7/11/11

Poo: KC Come Clean, SM Moisture Retention
CO: CJ Curl Rehab, CJ Argan & Olive Oil, Renpure Argan Oil, YTCucumbers, Sevi Pumpkin
Style: AIF, HESMU, Biolage gelee, KCCC
LOOB for second day hair

Like BS/ACV rinses, limit protein/humectants.
I just bought this today as it was on sale at Target. It just dried out my hair, made it clumpy, weighed it down, and the curls are already gone

Maybe I should have tried the smoothing cream. However, for now I'll just stick with my Fairy Tales. It's more lightweight and doesn't dry me out.

Maybe I just used too much? Perhaps I'll try it again when I run out of my current gel.
-Straight hair until 4/11
-Started CG 12/26/11

Co-wash/RO/LI: Beautiful Curls Leave-In Conditioner for Wavy to Curly Hair
Gel: Beautiful Curls Hair Gel

-cowash/condition/leave-in condition
-comb hair
-supersoak and apply KCCC
-plop for 15-20 min
-plop a pineapple overnight
-just pineapple for second day hair

Short 2b and growing out!
Thanks for reading
Oddly the temp is in the 50s today in Pittsburgh at the end of December so I was able to finally use this gel again! I missed my big waves and spirals from it. Definitely still a winner gel for me
Mod CG
Normal 2b, my hair loves protein right now!

LowPoo/NoPoo: Renpure (green or red), BB, Deva NoPoo
RO: OneC, Y2Cu
Leave In: Y2Cu, CG Beauticulrs
Style: CIAB, Garnier pure clean gel, AIF, SS CEJ, CCCL
PT: Ion Effective Care or IAGirls' PT
You can see if my signature block that I have a lot of love for the new Garnier Clean line. The styling cream works well on my hair too. The texture is odd, but that, combined with the gel, really gives good hold and definition without build up or crunch. I didn't see the same results using the gel alone.

These products get 2 thumbs up from me.
*Shampoo - Tresemme Naturals (low sulfate) once every week or two.
*Conditioner - DEVA One (used for co-wash too). Yes To Carrots conditioner.
*Leave in - Garnier Fructis Clean styling cream & gel (DEVA gels are hit or miss depending on the weather. ULTA medium hold gel is also silicone free).
*Other likes - DEVA moisture lock spray, Ducks Clips (spray with gel first), diffuse 30 - 40%.
I bought this gel yesterday and tried it today w/ a little leave-in and I'm quite impressed w/ its curl enhancing! Even though the bottle says it's a strong hold, my waves kinda fell after a few hours. I think I'll try mixing in a tiny bit of BRHG next time.

My hair has not been looking so good lately so I bought it, just to try something new. I'm glad I did!
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rinse out: GVP Conditioning Balm, CJ Beauticurls, CJ Smoothing

jellies/creams: CR Curl Maker, KCCC
gels: CJ CQ, CJ Pattern Pusha, BRHG

Really loving this gel. Getting good 2nd and 3rd day hair with this too.I use it on top of SM Smoothie
Really loving this gel. Getting good 2nd and 3rd day hair with this too.I use it on top of SM Smoothie
Originally Posted by nes223
I might have to try this. I'm experimenting with the smoothie/souffle combo under some KCCC at the moment.
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combination hair.
2c on top - low elasticity
3a&b scattered underneath - normal elasticity.
fine texture. thin density. A lot of it.
porosity: normal to high.
loves protein and moisture.
BSACV as needed.

products may vary. i'm a PJ.
loving Curl Junkie, Curly Kinks, and AS I Am.
I was liking this a lot back in February when it wasn't as humid, but now I can't seem to get it to work for me anymore. *shrug* Keep it around and try again later.

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CO wash: suave naturals coconut
rinse out CO: GVP conditioning balm
stylers: KCNT, CK, jessicurl spiralicious
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Maybe in summer I won't hate it so much, but I might do a swap with anyone interested in a near full tube.

It is soooo drying to my waves. It's sad. I'd try to put up with the smell if it didn't turn my hair into a rat's nest.

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Currently using a variety of products, and looking for that magic combo

Hair bio:

I have to say - I hated this, my hair hated this, and the climate in Colorado also hates this gel. I think it is the glycerin. It made my hair...weird...sticky, slimy looking and not in a good way, got absolutely no crunch out of it, it stayed wet for simply hours and hours. The parts of my hair where the gel was a little thicker looked wet and dark and oily, and the rest had the curl dragged out and was just flyaway...

Sigh. I think Colorado is a hard place for gels to perform their best
Originally Posted by Lahomajayne
The times I've visied Colorado my hair is much different due to lack of humidity. It's almost kind of straight. And where I live in So Cal, it's not that humid. But compartied to CO, I guess it is.
I tried this for the first time yesterday based on recommendations here. I like it. Gave me good curl formation and hold. Second day hair looks good. I recently got a cut by a Deva stylist and she used Devacurl Angel gel to style my hair. I was debating whether to go purchase that for approx $20 or try something less expensive. I won't say (yet) that this garnier gel is holy grail but it seems to do the job.
I don't have an issue with the smell. I guess my nose isn't that sensitive. Consistency is fine for me. When I'm dealing with putting gel in dripping wet hair, I don't want something that's a liquid or a spray....and I don't think something that's very sticky or thick would be that great (but I haven't tried that yet).

Price is right. I got it on sale at Rite Aid for $3.33. So even though it's not a very large tube, that's pretty cheap. I believe a comparable amount of the Deva gel would cost about three times that price.

Interesting how the word gets out on products. The first place I looked for this gel was Walmart. They had a whole section of Garnier products and the pc gel was the only item that was sold out.

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