Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Gel!

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I also didn't mind how it smelled! I think I'm just picky about hold and lots of the "hard" hold gels just don't get the job done for me.
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Found a forgotten tube of this in the back of my linen closet the other day; I think it's been in there at least a year, maybe longer. Decided to try it over SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie (I had been experimenting with the SM Curling Gel Souflee and HATED it, but liked the smoothie) and got great results! I used the smoothie as a leave in, then scrunched the Pure Clean gel over it. I got good curl and good hold. Hair is a little producty-feeling on day 2, but my hair always goes up in a bun or french twist on day 2 anyway, so I didn't care. I'm going to keep experimenting with this and see if I can't find other products it woks well with.
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This was the first product I tried when I went CG about 1.5 months ago. I used it by itself and my hair was sooo crunchy. When I moved my head it sounded like a wheat field blowing in the wind. I think you get the image. But I still kept the gel around because I actually love the smell (and I think it will keep mosquitoes away in the summer!!!)

Anyways, with a bit more experience I tried it again today, this time with a leave-in conditioner underneath. My hair is short, chin-length, so it dried within one hour. I scrunched out the crunch with a little bit of the same leave-in, and I think even body lotion or hand lotion would scrunch out the crunch. So I am happy. It looks good. My curls are well defined. My hair isn't super-soft, but it is soft, and when I touch my hair my hands don't feel sticky! I don't think the gel made my hair more or less curly, but at least it didn't majorly weigh down my waves! I also find it to be a bit like FSG with a strong hold, which is awesome. I love my FSG!!! So this product will be good for camping trips yay!
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I am nervous because I just bought this gel and live in CO. Today it is hot, dry and windy out. Mostly I have found mousse to work great for my hair in this climate, but I have LP, coarse properties. Protein seems to weigh my hair down. I will go cold turkey today and use this gel to see what happens. Sometimes I get great results from using a mixture of mostly mousse with a touch of something else like gel or AG Recoil combined.

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It was on sale so I bought this yesterday. Tried it after showering and applying my leave-in this morning and I like it! It makes my hair shiny, unlike Herbal essences gels. HESMU and HETT are decent budget gels but they seem to make my hair a bit natural shine. Garnier Fructis Pure Clean has strong hold with minimum crunch. I was surprised at how strong a hold it had because the consistency is runnier than other gels I've tried. I thought the thicker and stickier, the stronger the hold before..but that's not the case! It kept my 2b waves all day..bouncy and springy
I just got this and I actually don't kind the smell but I do agree with wavy; the 'inside' of my hair still feels wet for a really long time. But it has reduced my frizz!
Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Gel!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1377024629.752787.jpgGarnier Fructis Pure Clean Gel!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1377024664.405585.jpg
First pic is with gel second pic is without it. Although i wish it made my waves curlier like how they are on washing day...

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