AO swimmer's condish?

AO Swimmer's good for 3a hair? Looking for an AO that won't weigh down fine, thick, healthy hair...AOHSR way too heavy, Island Naturals was OK. GPB is almost perfect but still a bit heavy though curls are forming at least. Wondering if I should try others in the AO line? Blue Chamomile, Chamomile Volumizing, others? Really want to stay with their natural products.

Also posted in 3a forum. Tried to delete that one so I wasn't cross-posting but could not figure how, I am brand new at this CurlTalk thing, third time posting ever!!
As a leave in or a rinse out?

I used it on my DD's hair this summer after swimming classes (she's a 3a/b, super fine, normal porosity, thin to normal density) and I liked it. I only used it as a rinse out though. It would be too heavy for her not to rinse out. Her hair is a big fan of KCKT as a leave in.

Blame it on the cell phone...

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as a rinse out. tried the CG routine a few yrs back and though it was OK, when i returned to low-poo (?) once a week, my hair was way happier. i usually use a touch of coconut oil or Lush R&B as a leave-in in between shampoos.
If Honeysuckle rose was too heavy swimmers probably will be too, they're pretty similar in consistancy.
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COWash: Eden, cheapo condish, CJDF
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LI: varies, usually KCKT
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Yeah I'm not using it for swimming either

Maybe AO Blue Chamomile or Chamomile Volumizing?
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AOGPB/AOIN shampoo/condish
Lush RB or ev coconut oil leave-in.
Style with Lush King of Mods, AOB5?

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