New Creme Of Nature Argan Oil line

Has anyone used it? Reviews and results please New Creme Of Nature Argan Oil line-uploadfromtaptalk1318650156256.jpg

My hair wets when water touches it !
I was just looking for another review. LOL. When I started transitioning in Feb., I brought the shampoo, conditioner and leave in. Since then, when im not at the salon, I have been using Carols Daughter Monoi and cowashing with Suave and oils and using Cantu leave in.

From what I remember, I liked it. But I only used it twice at the most. The products smell good. The conditioner worked ok too and had fairly good slip. I'm going to try them again since its been a good while since I used them.

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I have the shampoo, the deep treatment and the leave-in. I haven't used the shampoo yet.

The other two? I them!
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Love the shampoo and the setting foam is pretty good as well. Haven't used the other stuff. There should be some reviews on YT as well.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the CON Argan Intensive Deep Treatment. Unfortunately it's sold only in small packets, and my Sally's doesn't carry the rest of the line yet.
Best results I've had with this stuff: After co washing, deep treated for about an hour with a plastic cap, rinsed out with an ACV. Must be amazing with a hooded dryer. Now it's winter, and my hair needs A LOT of moisture, so a couple days ago after cowashing, slapped it on, didn't rinse out, then topped it off with Shea Moisture DTM. It was an experiment that worked well!
I LOVE the CON Intensive Deep Conditioner. This stuff leaves my hair feeling like butter. I usually condition before I wash my hair because this stuff makes all the tangles dissapear before washing. It is amazing. My only complaint is that it only comes on those small packets. So I have loaded up on them with fear that they will stop making them.
I've only used the Sufate Free Shampoo, but I liked it a lot. It didn't dry my hair out, and it actually gave me some slip, which is amazing to me. I won't be changing shampoos anytime soon. Especially because I use it so rarely.
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