The Best Leave-In I've Ever Tried

is a skin lotion! I know this is going to be hard to believe because all the other skin lotions make your hair a greasy mess no matter how little you use and/or have lots of glycerin causing trouble w/ texture, but there's one that's different.

Thing is, I have tangle-prone hair (lots of kinkiness along w/ the waves/curls--on the 2c/3a border--that make each hair want to go its own separate way). To avoid tugging on the tangles, I only comb it w/ loads of very slippery rinse-out conditioner under running water in the shower. So what I want in my leave-in is something that will help it be moisturized and soft. For me, in a leave-in slip only makes each hair even more independent giving a result that looks like I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet (no, not pretty).

A long search of natural skin lotions on for those without alcohol or glycerin gave me one possibility--Eco Tools Sustainable Softness Body Lotion (made by Paris Presents, Inc., in Gurnee, IL). Water is the first ingredient, and the five different fats/oils it contains are emulsified using cetearyl alchol--a common fatty alcohol used in many hair conditioners.

I hesitantly tried it, squeezing about a lima bean's size amount to distribute it in my wet hair, careful not to disturb the curl pattern. My hair took much longer than usual to dry, like people say happens w/ flaxseed gel. When it did dry, it came out even better than I hoped for--softer, smoother, more defined than I'd ever had it, even back in the bad old silicones days. It didn't block moisture to my hair like pure oils can. It also worked wonders to tame second day flyaways. I'm sure it would do beautifully to scrunch out a gel crunch. It never flaked and washed out easily in my next (no-sulfates) shampoo.

After experimenting a few times, I found that even when I used quite a bit more than I did the first time, it never weighed my hair down or made it greasy. For me, the only downside was its unpleasant odor, but once dry, that disappears. I'm planning on adding an inexpensive scent oil to it to fix that. Being "natural", the lotion has only safe preservatives, safe enough to leave on skin. Also, though the bottle doesn't mention it, there doesn't seem to be any animal derived ingredients.

The price is very reasonable--$5.99 for 8 ounces that should last a long time.
Problem hair: No longer too porous (yay!). 2c/3a w/ lots of natural kinkiness (natural crimping) so resistant to forming defined curls, med. texture, but thinning since Sept. 2011 due to autoimmune illness.

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I'm so happy for you, OnlyNow! I think it was your thread that I remembered reading about the kinky wavy hair and the troubles you were having with it. I'm glad you found something that works really well! I've always been hesitant to put lotion in my hair, but your lotion sounds really nice. I eyed my mom's lotion one day, and I realized all it had were natural oils and butters, which could make a perfect sealer or SOTC product! I never wound up trying it, and I probably won't for a while (too much moisture is making my hair very strangely unhappy lately), but it sounds awesome! Yay to those awesome, crazy hair experiments that turn out way better than expected!
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I used lotion as a dt once! Worked really well! Just watch for cones and such - as I know you did!

Mine was an aveeno oatmeal lotion, but I can't recall the exact name.

Glad you found one that works for you!!
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Thanks for the cheers. It is very encouraging to find something that works well.

The odor problems were unavoidable for the mfr. because the safest, most non-toxic emulsifier, cetearyl alcohol, sadly stinks (literally), I've read. Even though it dissipates when dry, I'm waiting eagerly for the orange-mimosa fragrance oil I've ordered from to arrive. (Only $3.60 for a bottle that will last me through many bottles of lotion when kept refrigerated.)

I hope this small company is able to continue to make the lotion in this rough economy.
Problem hair: No longer too porous (yay!). 2c/3a w/ lots of natural kinkiness (natural crimping) so resistant to forming defined curls, med. texture, but thinning since Sept. 2011 due to autoimmune illness.

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