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justajesuschick 11-28-2011 07:55 PM

UPDATED! Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha Hair Gel-first thoughts
Just got my GIANT tub of CJ Pattern Pusha Hair Gel.
Since it is 16 oz., it makes the tub of Deep Fix it came with look miniature!

Opened the jar and saw milky white, thick, goopy deliciousness! My hair (2B) is a fool for the most globby, grabby gel and there should be NO WAY my hair will be anything less than in thick gel heaven with this stuff!

It has a consistency that seems what it would be if I combined SS FHG and either KCCC or home made FSG.
It is thickened by gums but slippery elm gives it the slimy feel of KCCC and FSG that some of us really love.

This is thick, but it had the ability to pour when I tipped the container. I took some pics but they did not come out as clear as I hoped so I did not post them here.

Since I am a germaphobe and loathe digging into jars, this, like all my another jarred product, will be dumped into a ziploc bag and "piped" into an 8 ounce squeeze bottle. I get those on etsy or ebay or other online stores that sell essential oils and such.

I have just gotten home from work so my hair is dry and already had product in. I still could not resist scrunching a bit of this in. Now that it dried, I SOTC to soft curls. I will have to add Alba Strong Hold gel or BRHG on top because again, I am a 2 and need stronger hold.

The scent is wonderful. Not too strong at all. It is a light, clean smell. I definitely get clean more than floral or fruity.

I am eager to use this in the morning on freshly lowpoo'd hair. I would be shocked if my hair does not do beautifully with it given the texture/consistency and ingredients. While all the gums, corn starch and such make me happy, what this gel does NOT have-silicone, glycerin and ALOE (which for me is a curl killer) makes me even happier.

I will report back when I have used it tomorrow. I will likely use Beauticurls LI underneath and one of my harder hold gels on top as indicated.

rbb 11-28-2011 08:05 PM

mine is coming thurs, so i'll try it (again, altho the 'tweaked' version) on friday. i plan on trying it without a leave in first. i will post.

asianrunner 11-28-2011 10:16 PM

Is it supposed to have curl enhancing properties as well? I got mine today but probably won't use until later this week when I get bottles to pour it into like JAJC. It definitely doesn't look like your typical gel at all and more like a jelly product!

Clarita 11-29-2011 01:44 AM

justajesuschick, I'm going to steal your ziploc bag piping method! It's genius! I've been using one of those jumbo plastic syringes to transfer products into bottles but it's such a pain that I sometimes even avoid buying products in jars. :(
Your method seems soooo much easier!

Naturalista 11-29-2011 05:22 AM


Originally Posted by asianrunner (Post 1823433)
Is it supposed to have curl enhancing properties as well? I got mine today but probably won't use until later this week when I get bottles to pour it into like JAJC. It definitely doesn't look like your typical gel at all and more like a jelly product!

No it's not meant to enhance curls. It's called pattern pusha bc it's meant to define what you have. It's unlike it's precedessors that enhance (or encourage curl formation). This one is about rocking what you got. ;)

CurlyHairedFarmer 11-29-2011 05:58 AM

I was pretty surprised when I went to use this gel. I was expecting the consistency to be like that of the Aloe Fix so you can imagine the shock when it slimed more like KCCC.

It distributed pretty easy, but with the consistency I had a hard time deciding how much to put in. I currently have it in wet hair. I don't have much hope for today because I did my plop all wrong and I am really pressed for time before going into work. My hair does feel soft so far though!

I am guilty of using 2 other new products this morning though, so that may mess up my results. I just couldn't resist, I am a CJ junkie!

rymorg2 11-29-2011 06:12 AM

While it's not meant to enhance, I did get some enhancement with it due to the jelly consistancy. I can't wait to get my tweaked version on Thursday! I'll be using this Friday for sure!

justajesuschick 11-29-2011 10:52 AM

Well... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Definitely scrunched in and distributed like KCCC.

I was worried at first because it felt so moisturizing (I do not need extra moisture) and squishy that I feared that I would lose volume and definition.

It looked a bit less spirally when wet until I scrunched again with a flour sack towel and added the harder hold gels.

Farmer!! I used to try everything at once but now use other "control" products for my testing so that I know the results of just the one variable used.

So, I used Beauticurls LI, scrunched some water out with a thick white t-shirt then added the PP and topped with Alba Strong Hold Gel and BRHG. I actually used less of the hard hold gels because I used quite a bit of the PP.

Well, I got great results. I have volume and definition! The light scent dissipated quickly and my hair scrunched out to soft waves and big curls. I have to say that I am pleased how it does not leave a wet or greasy look. I can get that with KCCC. My hair looks nicely moisturized but like I really do not have much product in it at all. I am impressed so far. Very touchable.

Even as much as it appeared that I used, the 16 ounce container looks unused. Because it distributes so easily, it would seem that this jar should last some time. For those concerned about cost, I know many pay $30 for 16 ounces of KCCC and this is the same quantity for less. One reason I love the ziploc method of getting jarred product into bottles is that you seal, snip off an end and use your hands (cleanly, outside the bag) like a squeegee to get all of it in the bottle. Very little waste. This hair stuff is precious commodity, you know!

Provided my hair does not flop or drop shortly, this product will be a regular in my line up.

CurlyHairedFarmer 11-29-2011 11:06 AM

I am usually good at practicing control, but I just couldn't! The rehab was calling my name.

My hair dried perfectly fine. I didn't use any other gel on top, so I think that will be my next thing to try. My curls tend to droop by the end of the day.

Naturalista 11-29-2011 01:55 PM

As someone who tested this gel, IA that in my looser areas I did not need nearly as much as my denser, coilier areas. I also found that my hair preferred it without a leave-in, so I'm eager to have a full size to really drive this baby round town!

justajesuschick 11-29-2011 02:34 PM

Well now rbb and Naturalista, you make me want to try it without a leave in. That has not normally worked well for me but this is very moisturizing. I think I will try it this weekend.

CurlyHairedFarmer 11-29-2011 05:15 PM

asianrunner 11-29-2011 08:17 PM

CHF your hair is beautiful!!

Well this is an interesting product. I couldn't wait for my bottles to get here so I sort of tipped the jar and had minimal contact with the gel.

Today I did a brown sugar scrub, low poo'd w/ Mop C, raked and combed through CJ Beauticurls Strengthening condish and rinsed upside down. Scrunched in a huge blob (came out faster than I thought) of the Pattern Pusha gel. This is very interesting at first because it seemed to pull out my waves but the more I pumped and scrunched the more my hair clumped together!

Then I plopped. Scrunched in a little AIF mixed with a tiny bit of BRHG and plopped again. My hair was definitely a different kind of wavy today. The wavy parts were wavier and the straighter parts were straighter. But my waves did stay all day!

I think tomorrow I might try to mix it w/ a bit of either Rockin' Ringlets or UFD's Curly Magic since they are my fav winter wave enhancers.

justajesuschick 11-29-2011 08:43 PM

farmer-Your hair is nothing short of STUNNING!!!!!!!


Originally Posted by asianrunner (Post 1824070)
This is very interesting at first because it seemed to pull out my waves but the more I pumped and scrunched the more my hair clumped together!

EXACTLY my experience. Eager to hear how your other pairings work.

I lost some root curl but I really think that is because before running out the door I added more Alba gel and water at the root. Why do I do that when I see an area that I did not get as complete product distribution?? Likely a bad idea. The bottom of my hair is still really curly. I am going to try it next mixed with just BRHG and skip the Alba which has glycerin.

asianrunner 11-29-2011 10:33 PM

oh and JAJC I think you could get by w/o a leave-in! I sometimes use one and didn't today and my hair still felt well moisturized!

CurlyHairedFarmer 11-30-2011 07:34 AM

I found that it didn't necessarily enhance, it just defined the curls I have. I am definitely going to try with a harder hold gel over the top. Maybe BRHG, or Beyond the Zone Bada Bing.

I am also going to try without a leave-in underneath. My hair doesn't tend to dry out so I am assuming it would work out fine.

Naturalista 11-30-2011 01:17 PM


Originally Posted by CurlyHairedFarmer (Post 1823953)


Yay to team no LI!

riotkitty 11-30-2011 08:37 PM

I just got mine, haven't tried it yet but I did open it and smell it. To me, it smells kind of Bath and Body Works cucumber melon. It has a white cast to and is very lumpy and jiggly, a little like KCCC. Its smooth to the touch and not sticky but if you spread it on a surface (I spread it on my arm) it has a kind of lumpy appearance. My biggest concern with this one is flaking. I will post more after I try it.

justajesuschick 11-30-2011 09:03 PM

kitty-I got no flaking. Hope you will not either.

Well, second day hair is better than first! That is the true test for me. Today my hair was really curly. I misted, scrunched in a touch more PP and BRHG, then diffused. My curls are soft and touchable and even more defined than yesterday.

asianrunner 11-30-2011 09:44 PM

Ok so I tried mixing it w/ a bit of UFD's Curly Magic. Scrunched it all in and plopped.

And I totally got those weird waves again! I feel like the waves are big and exaggerated and don't look really natural if that makes sense. It doesn't help that I have to rush off to school so I can't mess with my hair too much.

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