Questions for those that use Crece Pelo?

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I just picked this up today at the grocery store after hearing about on different sites. I picked up the treatment in the jar. My questions are is how often do you all use this and how? I read some use it as a leave-in too. Do you have to dilute it or use as is? I used it today as a regular conditioner left in for about 3 mins. I am not blown away by it but I did like it. It detangled and softened my hair fairly well. If it really does what it says it does then I will def continue using it.

Any tips/tricks would be helpful!

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My sister uses it as a deep Conditioner once a week. She sometime buys sone for her hairstylist who likes it so much that she calls it "crack." But it has silicone I think. I myself use Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie for my deep Conditioner.
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Use as is. Put a shower cap
And go under low heat dryer for 15 to 20 min

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