Got2B Kinkier Spray Gel

Does anyone else use the Got2B Kinkier Spray Gel? I'm new to this, and wanted to know if anyone else likes this product. It is fairly affordable ($7) and easily available. It has mag sulfate and polymers to encourage curls, which are nice for me. Seems to be silicone free. I also like that it is a spray, as I seem to just wreck my curl pattern whenever I handle my hair. I haven't tried any of the higher end products, so I can't compare with those, but as far as drug-store products go, I've been pleased with this and would love to hear others' opinions.
I use this every time i do my hair. It really helps the curl pattern. I put my styler in my hair, squeeze out the water and then spray this in my hair without squeezing it out. Works great and it reminds me of creamsicles, the smell that is
Just got this on sale at CVS today for 3.99. I am on a quest for the perfect spray gel, can't wait to try this tomorrow!
I've been wanting TO try it

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This is definitely the best spray gel I have tried! The first time I used it, I didn't use a leave-in. My hair was very curly, looked great, but felt awful, just super dry, probably the mag sulfate. The second time, I used a LOT of leave-in, and then sprayed this on kind of sparingly. Worked like a charm, love it, and it does smell delicious!

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