What's the best poo for someone who isn't CG?


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You need to be a LOT more specific than that. So you aren't CG...what products do you use? What is your routine? The recs depend on those factors.

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I would just use the trial an error method. I have been back on poo for a while now. Was CG for quite a while but my hair freaked for some reason. I think it needed a break. But i found some shampoos made my head itch and others didn't.

I can't use ALS or SLS poos unless they are lower on the ingreds list. I can only use ALES depending on what else is in them.

I can use any SLES poo it seems and I try to stick with those or lesser like baby shampoos.
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Jessicurl Gentle Lather shampoo. I recommend getting a sample, first, because it's a little pricey.

Johnson and Johnson original baby shampoo. It's my new fav. It's cheap enough that you can try it and if you don't like it, use what's left over as a body wash or a wash for cosmetic brushes.

I did CG for 5 months, but it just wasn't working for my hair. My curls were very thin and stringy, and I didn't like the way my scalp felt. Then I tried low-poo (Jessicurl HCC), but it was still too moisturizing. I've settled on GLS or baby shampoo w/ a very light conditioner, only when I need it. I do an ACV rinse once every 7-10 days, too.
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I like Aveda Shampure. Really cleans without being overly drying.
I do my own routine based on CG but adapted for what I find works well. I do shampoo occasionally and I find that eliminating sulfates helps my hair a lot. I like coco betaine a lot better than any of the sulfates. I also really don't like 'cones in my shampoo.
I'm fond of the Giovanni lines. Activate is great as well. When my scalp is unhappy, I like Neutrogena T-Sal. LowPoo was good too but I don't have easy access to that one. All of these are sulfate-free.
As for sulfate 'poos, I liked the Aveda color enhancing one for brown hair ( can't recall the exact name right now). The one sulfate 'poo I keep around now is Aura Hypoalergenic from Sally's. It cleanses well without a lot of extra crap in it. It's also pretty cool for washing make-up brushes and such.
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I really like the Elucence shampoo. If you use a lot of cones, you'll need something stronger though.
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I second the Elucence shampoo. It's very gentle even though it does contain sulfates.
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I know from experience that Johnson & Johnsons baby shampoo won't adequately remove cyclopentasiloxane. The combination of J&J and a cond with a lot of CPS is what left my hair in such bad condition that I started CG! CPS is a nasty cone in general and you should avoid products that have large amounts of it even if you're not CG. Also, non-CGers need to make sure that their shampoo has sulfates, or else it won't remove silicones other than amodimethicone and the water-soluble cones (PEG# cones and dimethicone copolyol).

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