Deva products?

I have a question:
Is there products that do the same thing and are as good as Deva Curl No Poo ,Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser and Deva Curl Styling Cream but cheaper?
I haven't tried the styling cream, so I can't comment on that (I had pretty much stopped using Deva products when it came out).

As far as No-Poo, have you looked at L'Oreal Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner? Curls also has a similar product. I also saw that the As I Am line at Sally's has a Coconut Co-Wash. All of these are cheaper than No-Poo.

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That's hard to say since products work differently on every ones hair. You may find something that is comparable for you, but you'd probably have to do some trial and error attempts.

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Many of us start with Deva, think we like it and then move on to other things. IMHO, there are tons of products that are better--can't guarantee they are cheaper. My salon carries the Deva products but don't let them use them on me. I find the NoPoo very drying since they changed the ingredients a few years ago.

My hair prefers the more natural products from the online, boutique type companies.

The best thing to do is to determine your hair properties. Here's a link to help: Live Curly Live Free - Home Once you determine your hair properties, you can look for people who have hair like yours and see what they use (most have it in signature.) It's a good place to start.
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