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Devushka 03-16-2012 05:20 PM

Do You Want a "Modified CG" Forum
(Btw, was asked to x-post this to a few forums in order to get feedback.)
A note to anyone who follows a modified CG method or is thinking that their hair would be better off modifying the CG method: will add a "Modified CG" forum to CurlTalk if there's interest in having a forum specifically for Mod CGers to share modification recommendations, modified routines and products, request help from other Mod CGers, report what part of CG is working/what part isn't working, etc.

Gretchen, et al with, will gauge interest and take it from there -- So post if you're interested.

I myself try to stay fairly close to CG but am certainly open to modifying the method as needed to benefit my hair, and I know I could learn a lot from others who already have.

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