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jaclyn15 03-20-2012 02:08 PM

Pantene curly series gel
I haven't seen much on the CurlTalk boards about the Pantene curly series gel, but I remember seeing waterlily716 do a favorable review of it awhile back. And now I love it too!

Since noticing that my LALSG was drying out my hair (possibly a glycerin sensitivity), I've been trying out gels and hoping to find my new favorite. I decided to grab this one while I was at Target this weekend, and I have to say I'm really impressed! It is glycerin-free, and CG-friendly though it does have one water-soluble cone (with a PEG in front of it). The other thing I like is it does not have hydrocellulose (spelling?) which is an ingredient that I find makes me lose too much volume. For example, I like the Aussie instant freeze a lot for hold and shine, but that ingredient makes my hair shrink and my curls less bouncy.

I would describe the hold as medium strength, but I am used to very hard hold gels so other people may think of it as a medium-strong hold. The packaging says it is a hold level 3 out of 4. It is a more liquidy gel, which I actually prefer because it's a bit easier to coat the hair. It has left my hair well-defined, bouncy, and soft! It did not have any stickiness, residue, or flaking!

I am always impressed when a medium hold gel keeps frizz at bay, because often it seems like I need the hard hold to do that. But this one is going strong :mrgreen:

In case you were wondering, I have 3b normal/low porosity, medium/thick hair. I used the gel over my usual KCKT leave-in.

I will have to wait and see how it behaves after using it awhile... whether it dries my hair out or works as well, etc. But I have not liked a gel this much since LALSG and just had to share!

beeduh 03-20-2012 03:13 PM

I've also seen waterlily's review on this. I eye it a lot in the stores when I see it, but I just haven't come around to trying it yet. I actually think I use to use the curl gel a long time ago.

Brookelynn 03-21-2012 11:46 PM

I used an entire bottle of the spray gel and loved it!!...until my hair turned into straw :( I wonder if the other gel would work differently or maybe if I deep conditioned more while using this as a styler. I really miss it! Nothing else tames my frizz like this did.

muho 03-22-2012 05:10 AM

You had very dry your hair, avoid shampoos with SLS

Brookelynn 03-22-2012 09:36 PM

Yeah now that I think about it I was still shampooing when I used the spray gel. Maybe that was the problem. Thanks for the tip!

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