Kimmaytube leave in- what's your version?

Hey curlies! I tried kimmaytubes leave in today and love the results. My 3c/4a hair is so soft with great curl definition. This is a keeper. BUT I'd love to find a cheaper conditioner base than kckt. Any suggestions? I read that many people were using Giovanni's leave in but apparently the product changed a bit. So now what? Also have you switched up the oils as well?? What's working for you? I was Aussie 2 minute miracle as a leave in but I'm not sure the Aussie will it left my hair kinda crunchy. But the curls were popping! Lol!
I'm bumping this thread because I have been using Kimmaytube's leave in recipe and loving it for about a month My base conditioner is Giovanni 50:50. Also add AVG, jojoba and hemp seed oil. It mixes up into a fluffy pale green cloud, and my hair is eating it up.

Is anyone else using this recipe? If so, what's is in your version???
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I started using this when I began my journey 2 years ago. I basically use the same recipe besides I use EVOO instead of jojoba oil. I LOVE it!

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