Deep Conditioners/Masks - Please, HELP ME!!

Hey guys,

Somebody please help me find a weekly deep conditioner that I don't have to order online!! Please!

I just discovered I have fine, low porosity hair and need stuff with protein I think? (I'm a newb) but I really, REALLY need to get a weekly deep conditioner or hair mask. My hair is SO DRY. I read reviews about the One 'n Only Restorative Mask (which has cones), as well as reviews on the GVP Conditioning Balm. I've tried making my own mixtures with avocado/honey/olive oil etc....but I've never had super results I also saw that Mixed Silk makes a deep conditioner, but the reviews are only on Sally's (none on here) and they're all mixed opinions! I'm not sure what to get, but I need to find a mask really soon before all my thirsty hair breaks off! Should I take one for the team and try the Mixed Silk? Or go with the good reviews on the One 'n Only even though it has cones? I'm so lostttt.

SN: Right now I co-wash with Aussie moist every 2-3 days, sometimes every other day. I recently started using the cantu leave-in and HESMU gel, but I still don't have a regular routine.
One n' Only Argan also has a Hydrating Mask which is cone-free. I haven't found a deep conditioner that works better. I do a separate protein treatment and then follow with the conditioner. I do both with heat. I use IAGirls gelatin protein treatment recipe. My fine hair absolutely loves it.

On another note, I was looking at Aussie Moist last week while I was hunting for a GFTN replacement and it had cones. Maybe this is contributing to your current issues?

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That could be it. I haven't tried tresemme, suave, or herbal essences yet so maybe I'll switch to one of those. I got the hydrating mask, I can't wait to try it tonight! Thanks for your help
I use the One 'n Only Hydrating Mask like a couple of other people here, and it's EXCELLENT - no 'cones in it. I had gone and bought the regular shampoo and conditioner in the line, but found they had the 'cones which built up in my hair from only a couple of uses. When I found that out, I quit using those two products, clarified to start over, and now I'm back on modified CG, thank goodness! My hair does not like 'cones at all. But that hydrating mask is really good and reasonable in price too. Often one has to pay 3x as much for a product that good.
That's the mask I bought and I love it! I did use some coconut oil after but no gel and my hair was super soft. Fluffy of course, but soo soft today I bought that new suave everlasting sunshine to sub for my regular cowash Aussie conditioner to see how my hair reacts when it's cone-less....omg! I will never use cones again! My hair was up for the day but down while it dried and it was awesome! No frizz or anything. Cortina you are always saving my little curly head with all your insight!
I really like the Shea moisture line. It has protein. They have a conditioning mask that I haven't tried yet too. I use the poo (every couple of weeks), curl milk, curling smoothie and souffle with great results. I top it all of with a little (very little) AIF or BSRHG or LALPS for a little extra hold I buy it all Walgreens or Target. I still DT with GVP conditioning balm and add avocado oil and honey once a week. I have just started adding baby food bananas to it as well. I cowash a couple of times a week with VO5 Shea and RO with the conditioning balm. this is a fairly new routine bc with the warmer weather I've had to change things up by adding more protein but it's working great. I do a PT with gelatin or GVP KPak every week in a half or so.

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How does the baby banana help your hair? And I will definitely try the protein treatment! I'm still relatively new so I'm trying to do each product addition slowly so I can see the actual results and my hair's reactions to everything. Thanks for the tips!
Banana is very moisturizing for me and adds shine. I had a hard time getting bananas completely strained and would have chunks left in my hair. I started using baby food bananas and it's been great.

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Oh okay I had no clue!! I might have to try that next time.😊 thanks!
It was hard at first adding food to my hair but once I got passed the initial yuck factor it's been amazing. 😜

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