Just want to share a combo that's given me the best results since going CG August 1, 2011. I rake As I Am Leave-in Conditioner into soaking wet hair, then rake in Coffee-Coco Curl Cream, then plop for 15 minutes to 1/2 hour, then air-dry. That's it!

My hair "pops" into lots of elongated, spiral curls that are SO soft it's hard for me to keep my hands out of them. I've tried both products alone, and while they are great products, it's the combo that my hair seems to love. My hair feels so soft I instinctively think it has no "hold", but the curls retain their shape! My hair feels bouncy and thick, with no crunchiness or flakes.

Dew points have been reported as Optimal, but this combo still makes my hair look better than it has during other Optimal times. My hair is medium/thick (closer to thick) density, medium texture, medium-low porosity (I do color it), & 3a/b curls. Definitely 3b with this conditioner/creme combo - but not frizzy or crazy-looking at all. It took almost 8 months, but I'm finally gaining some headway on understanding my moody hair. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these products will work in low dewpoints after I move to the desert in 2 months...
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3b/c, Coarse, Low Porosity, Desert Climate
CG since August 2011/Occasionally Minimally Modified since 2013
Favorites: Beautiful Nutrition Cocoa Curl Cleansing Conditioner, Beautiful Nutrition Cocoa Curl High Definition Moisture Gel, Beautiful Nutrition UltraLight Lime Jel Control Serum, Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse Clarifying Treatment

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