sallys beauty supply return policy

I recently have bought several different shampoo and conditioners from Sallys. I've used a little of each bottle,there is over 3/4 a bottle left in each one. Can i still return these since i didn't like them or can they only be unused to be able to return? anyone know? ihave about 40 dollars in stuff i wont' use,like to get my money back if possible! I know Walgreens will let you,just not sure on Sallys..........................

Sally's website return policy about items purchased on the ground in a Sally's store mentions nothing about whether product must be new and unopened to be returnable. However, they can only be returned up to 60 days after the purchase date. I'd think at 3/4 full you could reasonably expect them to take it back.
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I wonder what a store does with used items that get returned. Not all suppliers will honor a stores return policy. I would be upset to know I purchased a product that someone else had used. I bet that they do end up on the shelf again to.
Well i ended up just calling them this morning and they said as long as i had a receipt and i didn't like the product and it wasn't empty i can return it. Walgreens is like that too.
i don't know what they do with the bottles. i agree though that i wouldn't want someone else's returned
bottle! i have almost $40 i can get back. maybe they have to return it to the mfg to get their money back?
i guess maybe I SHOULDN'T return it all but if thats their policy i don't see why i shouldn't do it then.
If its their policy to allow customers to return products if they dont like them than go for it. Its alot of money to be out for products that dont work.

I have worked in retail so I know how they do some things. They dont like to lose money. They dont get to write off alot of things and only some suppliers will except returns of their merchandise. Not to mention it is very timely to return anything to a supplier. Knowing this makes me think we most likely do buy products that have been used and returned.
I've returned items to Sally's before without a problem with the receipt. I told them the items didn't work for me and I didn't like them. I've done the same with target and Walmart as well.
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Sally's is great about returns. I've never had a problem with returns, with or without a receipt.

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