Products with some crunch!

I know I may be in the minority but I like a product that leaves my hair a little crunchy. I need some recommendations, please! Thanks!
Me, too! Biosilk Rock-Hard Gelee gives me some good crunch. I bought a huge bottle from Overstock for about $20 (~30 oz.)
Hair type: normal texture, thick, wavy, low porosity, normal elasticity
I was actually just going to suggest BRHG but I guess the previous poster beat me to it . It's a super strong hold gel and you'll definitely get crunch from it. You can find it at certain drugstores (I think Walgreens or Rite Aid).
2b, fine texture, normal porosity & elasticity (CG as of 12/2011)

Low-poo: UFD Rich & Funky
Cowash: VO5 Kiwi Lime
RO: Tresemme Naturals, Aubrey Organics GPB, Ion Effective Care, MillCreek Keratin
PT/DT: IAgirl's PT, GVP CB
LI: KCKT, Cure Care, CJ CCCC Lite
Styling: Curl Keeper, As I Am Jelly, UFD Curly Magic, CJ Curl Queen, TIGI Strong Hold Mousse

^^ day 1 of going CG; avatar = 6 months later

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