Same gel, different name

Hello, Curlies!

I, like many of you, love the HESMU. I have heard some rumors (from the boards) that the formulation may change. I found an alternative just in case the rumors are true.

Pantene normal-thick gel
it is in a turquoise bottle with a black top. I bought it for $3.39 at walmart. I will post pictures later.

Anywho, has any tried the motions hydrate my hair pudding? the ingredients look similar to miss Jessie's. they were on clearance for $2.50 (orginally $6 at Walmart )

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Re: the SMU gel, I called the company. The SMU SPRAY gel is now reformulated and has cones, but the one in the tube has been upgraded to level 4 hold (from a 3) but does not contain cones. I have it and it's CG

But thank you for posting about the Pantene gel. I may just go try it anywho!
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The only difference I saw in the HESMU gel is the cactus flower extract. Literally just yesterday I compared my old and new tubes. The ingredient listing is also the same.

Those pantene gels....I used the curly one which *literally* has the same ingredient listing, order and all, as the HESMU except for the panthenol.

Let me tell you the hold SUCKS and it worked NOTHING like the HESMU. And my hair felt dry.

Even the HE totally twisted scrunching gel...hated it.
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