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Curlsnswirls 06-22-2012 05:59 PM

CHS curl keeper users!!!
I know there are tons of threads about this product but I thought it would be nice to discuss likes/dislikes in one thread. I would love to hear about your successful combinations. I live In a dry climate and have success using this as long as I alternate it with other combos. This is one of the only Stylers that I can get away with using by itself for the most part.. although I do use a gel with it on occasion. My properties are in my siggy.

What's your favorite way to use Curl Keeper?? What products does it play well with? Do you use it year round?
If you don't mind, please share your hair properties if possible and what weather/climate it works best for you. Thank you!

Favorite combos:

Leave in+curl keeper
Leave in+recoil+curl keeper
Leave in+curl keeper+recoil
Leave in+curl keeper+BRHG/AIF

I will add more combos as I test them out.

dianemary126 06-22-2012 08:08 PM

I just started playing around with curl keeper and its helping with my frizz so much!

I do leave in, curl keeper, styler, oil sealer. Loving it!! =)

Curlsnswirls 06-23-2012 01:02 PM

Today I used Marie Dean red clover LI and curl style cream...drenched my hair in Curlkeeper...and topped with a golf size ball of GVP Paul Mitchell sculpting foam just for a little extra hold and trying to use my mousses(?) up. My hair turned out awesome!! I will Add this to my list of successes.
Anyone else?

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