Long thick hair accessories

I am looking for some accessories for long thick hair. Does anyone know where I could find some? I have looked at Wal mart and All of these local stores here. I have tryed the claw clips,many others and they all break or they are just too small. There has to be some kind of clip or something that works for long hair. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions.
Ohhhh I'll be looking at this thread for ideas I always seem to buy and buy stuff but never end up wearing them because they don't hold up to my hair

My best hair accesory at the moment: bobby pins! :P I go to my local beauty supply and get the little containers with hundreds of them :P both of the reg size and the jumbo size (for buns and shtuff) and I love...

I also love getting little bows from Hot topic, but again, these are not for their function, but to decorate :P

any others with more helpful info? lol
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The two clips that are by far the best (and great looking!) for thick hair are the Flexi-8 and the Ficcare Maxima.
Theyre more expensive than the drugstore clips, but they are made very well and can actually hold thick hair comfortably. The Flexi comes in xs-xxl I think, I use a 'small' to clip my hair out of my fave (I'm wearing it in my avatar). The Ficcare is a beautiful clip, and can actually hold my hair in a twist without sliding or pulling. It is VERY comfy, well made, and well worth the price. I have a medium Maxima, but as my hair gets loner, I'm going to need a large.
A member here sells the Flexi: Unique, Comfortable, and Strong Hair Clips and Jewelry.

and the ficcare is found on their website or at Nordstroms.
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Ditto on the Flexi-8. Hands down the best hair accessory I've ever bought for my hair. They are well worth the investment. I have 3 - a small, medium and large that I wear for half-up styles, pony tails, and updo's depending on how my hair expands that day.:thumright
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